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Protection films
for PVC-profiles

Application-optimised solutions
for window & door construction

  • White plastic profiles
    Wide range for the classic in window construction
  • Foil-laminated profile surfaces
    Customised solutions for modern structures and colours
  • Lacquer-finished profiles
    With optimum properties for almost any finish

From production to completion

Protective film solutions for plastic profiles prevent rejections and complaints

Architects and house builders value windows, doors and window sills as a defining design element of buildings. Manufacturers of PVC profiles have therefore increasingly been offering a wide range of surface designs, profile thicknesses, colour and structure options. Surface protection films with customised properties are therefore indispensable for protecting these surfaces and preventing rejections, complaints and costly reworking.

During production, processing and assembly profile surfaces can become scratched and damaged. Sawing, drilling, deburring and welding pose a risk of damage as well as conveyor belt systems and stacking devices. That’s why our protective films guarantee effective surface protection along the entire processing chain, from profile extruder and window manufacturer through to completion of the building project.

Wide range of protective films for PVC profiles

A solution for every surface structure and process requirement

Foil-laminated profiles

Do you want to protect the appearance and structure of your foil laminated PVC profiles? Then we can supply you with a highly effective surface protection film for a wide range of gloss levels, surface patterns and embossed designs. For example: speciality finishes such as deep embossed surfaces, extreme matt finishes, detailed grinding and sanding enhanced surfaces

Classic white profiles

The plastic formulation is decisive for the quality of your product. That’s why we supply you with a protective film that is precisely matched to the required properties and demands. No matter whether with a natural rubber or acrylic based adhesive. Ideal for white profiles with smooth or brushed profile surfaces.

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Effective protection during processing

Adhesive systems and film properties: tailor-made for your processes

Our application engineers will find the film solution that perfectly fits your requirements. Because only with an adhesive formulation that is precisely adapted to your products and processing procedures can you achieve the adhesive strength that ensures effective adhesion over the entire application period. Film thickness and specific additional properties are equally decisive. They ensure sufficient puncture resistance and tensile strength to protect profiles even during sawing and welding.

Extremely durable

Our high strength films (HS films) have excellent puncture resistance irrespective of thickness, offering superior protection when processing the full range of extruded profiles.

High temperature resistance

Our acrylic based adhesive systems ensure the desired adhesive strength and shear resistance at high processing temperatures. Optimum adhesion during processes subject to thermal and mechanical stress.

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Perfect outside performance

Available as transparent, white or black & white film

In construction, protective films often remain on the PVC profiles for a long period of time. For this reason, our range includes solutions for different weather resistance and UV stability requirements. Every film, whether the standard protection film or High Strength protection film for long term outdoor use, guarantees optimum protection, high tear resistance and easy, residue free removal for the intended period of use.

Black & white film

Our combination film offers you uncompromising premium protection for your plastic surfaces whilst being extremely UV resistant. Its black underside is almost light impermeable.

Transparent film

In its standard version, our transparent film solution has a UV resistance of three to six months. The high performance version with UV stabilised adhesive can remain on the profile for up to twelve months.

White film

With our white film, both the film and the adhesive formulations are UV stabilised. The result: this film solution allows for up to twelve months use outside.

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Environmentally Responsible

We support your sustainable goals

Our PE-based films are not only up to 100% recyclable, but also designed to save material, they are thinner, but with the same essential properties But, we don’t stop there with resource conservation, our protective films for plastic profiles are also available with recycled material on request.


POLIFILM PROTECTION surface protection
– solutions for PVC profiles.

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