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Room-temperature laminating Films

Lamination without adhesive or heat

  • Can be activated by corona treatment
    Bond without thermal lamination or adhesive bonding
  • Versatile usage
    as a sealing medium for multicomplex laminates including overlamination films for labels
  • Ideal for laminators, online printers and label producers
    cost efficient alternative to classic processes

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Laminating films re-designed

Corona activated technology

Our films with room temperature lamination are the alternative to the classic time and cost intensive production techniques of thermal and adhesive lamination for laminators and online printers. This is because the film is processed inline without any thermal lamination or adhesive coating but still provides reliable and stable bonds. As the tack is due to the polyolefin base instead of, for example, additional polyurethane adhesive, depending on the composite structure, the film solution is more recyclable.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Reduced time to market
    Can be processed after only 1 hour
  • Ease of use
    Without requiring special know how or technical operators
  • Recyclability
    Due to the absence of polyurethane glue
  • Minimal investment
    No expensive thermo laminating machinery needed
  • Energy saving
    Compared to classic processing
  • Award winning solution
    Winner of 3 awards (Winner of the German Packaging Award, Israel Star and WordStar Global Packaging Award)

Wide range of applications

What started as an idea to develop a faster version of adhesive laminating to help with the limited availability of thermal laminating materials and expand the possibilities for single material applications, has evolved into a unique and versatile solution.

Use as a sealing medium

For example, in the production of stand up pouches. Bonding of the PE film with the (PET) printing layer by corona treatment and roller printing.

Use as overlaminate

Heat resistant PE film as protection at the sealing jaws for printed solutions. Suitable for digital printing applications as well as solvent based inks.

Application for labels

PP version ideal as an alternative to the classic PP overlaminate or additional self-adhesive label as print image protection against moisture.

How it works

The co-extruded polyolefin based film is designed in such a way that the required tackiness of the chemical/mechanical bond of the low temperature reacting plastics is activated by the voltage of the (inline) corona treatment alone. The extremely high polarity is then sufficient for a stable bond to be achieved through the pressure applied from 3 bar, when joining the composites together.

Who is the film suitable for

For (digital) printers who:

  • want to expand their flexible packaging sector, or wish to enter this sector  
  • are aiming for a diversified set-up by integrating laminating & converting

For laminators who:

  • wish to expand, especially into countries with limited know-how and a shortage of skilled workers
  • want to enter the market for the first time

For label manufacturers

Protection & material savings in one solution

Labels are often used on packaging that is exposed to the cold chain and therefore to moisture. Without additional protection, the printed images quickly run the risk of being damaged by this moisture. Our new corona activated film solution replaces the conventional UV drying adhesive or another self-adhesive label. It stabilises the processing whilst at the same time helps to save material.  

Our film in the media

Read even more information about this solution here.

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