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Films & Fleeces for Banana Farming

VFrom Bunch Cover to Slip Sheet –always the right solution

  • Wide range of solutions for banana cultivation
  • Also suitable for cultivating other fruits and vegetables
  • Ensures a better harvest in both quality and quantity
  • Solutions based on PE and PP non-woven

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Because Bananas Need Protection

Right from the start the banana peel is extremely sensitive. This delicate layer requires special protection during cultivation, harvesting, transportation and storage. The flawless appearance and uniform growth, determine the quality grading and the success and profit of the harvest.

Therefore, we have specialized protective solutions along the entire value chain. Through decades of collaboration with banana farmers worldwide, we offer solutions that ideally protect the fruit, ensuring the highest quality and yield for you.

Our Bunch Cover Solutions

Our Solution for Your Yield

Banana bunch covers, also known as fruit protection bags, ripening bags, or harvest covers, protect the fruits and their peels from excessive sunlight, insects, birds, and other pests, optimally supporting the ripening process. Their use helps reduce the amount of insecticide and other pesticides needed thereby, reducing costs and protecting the environment.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Increased Harvest Yield
    up to 32% more
  • Earlier Harvest
    up to four days earlier
  • More Profitable Harvest
    due to these effects
  • Less Damage
    up to 40% damage reduction
  • Optimized Appearance
    for better quality
  • Reusable & Recyclable
    up to 100%

Detailed Benefits

Increased Harvest

Bunch covers, in addition to protection, create an ideal microclimate where hands can unfold evenly and under optimal conditions. This results in increased numbers and larger more uniform fingers compared to without additional protection. If the bunch covers remain during harvest, they provide additional transport protection, minimizing rejections.

Improved Quality

Not only does the quantity of fruits and their size increase, but also the quality of the individual bananas and hands increases. This is evident through a uniform, appropriate ripeness without scarring on the peel and a balanced fruit-to-peel ratio,  crucial criteria for quality bananas.

Reduced Costs

The protective bags can be used for more than one harvesting period and their use can reduce the use of pesticides or other pest control agents.

Time Saving

The ripening bags are not only easy to handle during placement but also accelerate growth and shorten the time between flowering and harvest, allowing fruits to reach the market more quickly.

Our Range

We offer you bunch covers for various climatic conditions and in various designs. These include, amongst others,

  • PE and PP non-woven solutions
  • Solutions with and without tear perforation
  • Different dimensions and colours

Banana Clip Sheets

for even more protection

To better protect individual hands on a plant, you can use our Banana Clip Sheets as an additional protective solution for premium plants in addition to the bunch covers. This allows you to more effectively avoid spots from fruit resin, scarring at the tips of the fingers, as well as scratches. In contrast to conventional protection systems, the intelligent clip system also saves time during attachment.

Flagging Tapes

Systematic Marking

Whether for marking ripeness, general plant condition, or anything else, with our Flagging Tapes, you can quickly and easily mark the stock on-site without the need for a knife or scissors, thanks to easy tearing directly from the roll. The tapes are available in a variety of colours for categorization and are also weather resistant, even against UV radiation.

Inliner Bags & Slip Sheets

Our Solutions for Damage Free Transport

Inliner Bags

To protect harvested fruits from transport damage and prevent condensation when packed in liner bags in cardboard, bananas, as well as avocados and others fruits and vegetables reach their destination more securely.

Slip Sheets

For a better microclimate during transport, our slip sheets provide air circulation, preventing condensation and associated mould formation.

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