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Priority One: quality

Our quality management system
is at the heart of everything we do

Your satisfaction is our number one priority

Continual investment

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction and to consistently deliver first class quality of our entire products and services, we continuously invest in advanced technologies and automated systems for film extrusion, adhesive production, coating, quality assurance and converting alike. This also extends to the training of our employees who are a critical part in our quality culture. To ensure we meet the most stringent quality targets we set ourselves, our quality system extends to our suppliers when evaluating raw materials, conducting audits and performing compatibility analysis of all new technologies. Simply put; we never stop.

What you can rely on

  • Certified raw materials
    Our films and adhesives are made exclusively from certified raw materials.
  • Permanent in and offline quality control
    We rely on sophisticated quality assurance procedures and optical control systems in every production step
  • Superior level of testing know-how
    Guarantees maximum quality assurance for all
  • Comprehensive documentation
    All production parameters are recorded, stored and provide timely information about the production process


We are happy to provide here for you our ISO certifications of the individual POLIFILM PROTECTION locations. To read and download at your convenience.

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Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management – Quality starts here.

Our quality management system is integrated throughout each part of our business, which ensures our customers only see the consistently high performance standards they have grown accustomed to. Examples include the training of our employees, written standards of operating excellence and a permanent quality control throughout the entire production process. Thanks to all our team adopting the same philosophy, this quality has been recognised in our numerous industry certificates.

Total quality assurance and traceability

Constant monitoring

Every square metre of protective film goes through a comprehensive inline and offline quality assurance process. Whether adhesive application, printing, release layer application or converting, our employees monitor and check every single production step before approval can be made; no production process remains overlooked or unchecked.

Final approval

Before a single roll of protective film leaves our production site, it undergoes a final comprehensive quality control check. It is only approved for dispatch if it meets our strict quality demands. Thereby we ensure only products meeting our rigorous standards are shipped and reach our customers.

Accurately documented

Traceability is critical. Each and every batch of raw material used, all production data and production samples are documented, recorded and stored along with supporting parameters on each day of production. All data can be traced back over a period of several years at any one time. 

Advanced testing knowledge

We guarantee our customers quality assurance, reproducible at any time

During production, our highly sophisticated testing laboratories continuously monitor and control the quality of our protective films. We guarantee our customers quality assurance, reproducible at any time, as our testing requirements and procedures go far beyond the standards defined for industrial adhesive tapes. Our quality experts have adapted test methods on a much higher level, specifically adapted to the characteristics of protective films. It is typical to consider a dwell time when monitoring the development of adhesive strength over the course of 24 hours, or more. Such testing procedures have been optimised and refined to ensure reliable results and maximum quality assurance.

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