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Films for Online deliveries & Mail Order

Securely packaged for Delivery

  • Films for shipping delivery bags & magazines
  • Films for air cushions and complete systems
  • Sustainable options, bio-based & with recyclate

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Solutions for Online deliveries & Mail Order

Always the right solution

E-commerce is booming – whether it’s traditional postal delivery or the transportation of goods, we offer a well thought out portfolio of film solutions for various needs. From films for delivering magazines and delivery envelopes to air cushion films, we provide everything in one place. We also offer sustainable options as a result of POLIFILM’s extensive experience in recycling and the use of recyclates.

Advantages at a glance

  • Ideal processing properties
  • A low weight environmentally conscious solution
  • Reliable protection against dust, dirt, and moisture
  • 100% recyclable, high recycled content also available with bio-based material

Magazine Films

Whether brochures, magazines or mailing –ensure your shipment arrives safely

From advertising inserts to magazine subscriptions, a variety of printed products are sent by mail despite the increase of digitization as some people still prefer the tactile reading experience. For this reason, we offer a wide range of polyethylene (PE) based magazine films. These securely protect your printed products from dust, dirt, and moisture during transportation. In addition, our mailing films are precisely tailored to the high speed packing process.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Material saving & robust
    from a thickness range of 10 µm
  • Aesthetic appearance
    due to clear edge reflection & transparency
  • Prepared surface for address printing
    as an option

  • Optimal sealing seam strength
    for the safe arrival of your product
  • Increased processing speeds
    due to their flatness and processability
  • Customizable
    in dimensions & colours

Films for delivery

Ideal protection for shipments – in a sustainable way

Whether it’s the delivery of online orders, catalogue products to customers, or the internal handling of returns, our films provide the ideal basis for durable and tear-resistant delivery bags and return pouches, ensuring everything arrives clean and protected from external influences. Unlike other alternatives, such as packages, our specially thin, fully recyclable films are extra light and space saving. The result, an environmentally conscious solution that helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

The advantages at a glance

  • With recyclate content
    Both PIR and PCR
  • Ideal processing
    On all commonly used machinery
  • Printable
    For customer specific requirements
  • 100% recyclable
    made from PE
  • Extremely robust
    High puncture resistance and durable sealing seam
  • Colour variations
    Available on request

Air Cushion Films

From film to complete solution

Air cushion films are the lightest way to fill gaps in packaging, providing added security for the packaged goods. We offer you an additional bonus too. Whilst the films that form the air cushions are manufactured at our location in Weißandt-Gölzau, RIPAC GmbH, also part of the POLIFILM Group, offers you a complete concept for integration into your packing process.

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