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Your mailing films with recyclate

This is how your shipment arrives sustainably packed at the audience

  • print mailings protected sustainably against dust, dirt and moisture
  • transparent PE films with post-industrial recyclate (PIR)
    • starting from a film thickness of 15 µm with 50% recycled content  
    • starting from a film thickness of 21 µm with 70% recycled content  
  • balanced mechanical properties
  • suitable for high-speed horizontal and/or vertical packaging lines
  • improved CO2 balance and 100% recyclable

From advertising inserts to magazine subscriptions – a wide range of print products is sent by post, despite or precisely because of digitalisation. As the attention generated as well as the reading experience with haptic contact cannot be substituted completely. What is interchangeable, on the other hand, is the material for secure packaging, as film specialist POLIFILM EXTRUSION shows. Initial tests for sustainable packaging of mailings were successfully completed already some time ago.

While these were mainly bio-based film solutions, POLIFILM has now succeeded in producing mailing films with a recycled content of up to 70%. The transparent polyethylene films with post-industrial recyclate have, just like their classical counterparts, well-balanced mechanical properties and convince with optimal sealability as well as good process capability on high-speed packaging lines.

The packaging film expert explains the success of the recycled solution primarily with the in-house competence. “We recycle directly on site.  Through precise classification and sorted regranulation of the film waste we obtain high-quality recycled material which is suitable even for complex solutions,” explains Timo Stumpenhagen, Sales Manager Packaging & Performance Films. ” In combination with our proven extrusion experience, we are able to save up to 70% virgin material in the production of mailing films and still meet the quality requirements”.

The saving of virgin material primarily brings the advantage of an improved CO2 balance of the product, as the processes for manufacturing virgin material are significantly more energy-intensive than recycling. Thus, greenhouse gases can be reduced when using recycled material. In addition, the solutions themselves are recyclable and contribute to the circular economy.  

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