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Ensuring good things
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Everything for Agriculture & Gardening

  • Wide range of films for outdoor use
    including agricultural films, potting soil films, and films for protection during transportation  
  • Tailor-made solutions
    for farmers and garden centres to end customers
  • Adapted to various climatic conditions
    robust qualities, UV absorbent, anti-fog, and much more

Our solutions for agriculture, horticulture, and transportation

Your secured yield is our success

Whether you’re a farmer, professional gardener, or an enthusiastic green fingered amateur – with our wide range of films, we can provide everyone with the right solution whether propagation films and greenhouse films, harvesting solutions, or other cover needs. Our solutions meet the needs of the users, the specific film application locations and distribution requirements, whilst at the same time delivering added value.

Through special formula adjustments, we can provide the right film solution ensuring optimal performance whatever the challenging climatic conditions, application area or functionality. Whether classic agricultural films, perforated stretch films for the mould-free transportation of fruits and vegetables, or films for the packaging and filling of bulk goods such as potting soil, POLIFILM can supply the optimum solution, all from one source.


Our Portfolio Highlights for Agriculture, Horticulture, and Amateur Gardening

Agricultural Films

Our solutions for farmers, contract farmers, and their distributors. We can provide you with the right film solution from sowing right through to harvest and transportation, providing solutions that meet your specific needs. Regardless of location, function or length of use. Because your secured, protected harvest is our success.

  • Perfectly tailored to local conditions
    In dimensions, UV resistance and other special features
  • Increased efficiency
    providing easy handling, trouble-free throughput, and other cost and time efficiencies as well as increased yields
  • Sustainably designed
    From thickness reduction to the use of recyclates enabling the return of used films

Our Transport Solutions

Whether for improved air circulation and reduction of mould formation during the transportation of fruits, vegetables, or plants, or the secure packaging of bulk goods such as potting soil, our portfolios of (perforated) stretch films and FFS films offer you the perfect solution to ensure that goods arrive safely and secure.

  • Protection During Transportation tailored to the specific needs of goods
    especially fruits, vegetables, and plants
  • Films and pre-film solutions
    for the packaging of bulk goods
  • Environmentally friendly
    fully recyclable

Our Solutions for Garden Centres & DIY Stores

In addition to directly sourcing perforated stretch films for secure transportation we can offer you a well thought out assortment of cover films, propagation films, and films for winter protection, through JUFOL, conveniently supplemented by other complementary products made from various materials.

Are you an amateur gardener or farmer?

Yet, you want to work like the professionals and demand quality? Then take a look at our online shop.
At, you will also find many other versatile films and complementary products directly from the source.

Didn’t find the right solution at first glance?

Feel free to reach out to us. Our colleagues will happily work with you to find the right solution from our existing range. And if this is not possible, no problem, we will embark on a project together to meet your needs.

Are you active in more than one industry?
So are we!