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Safe and protected to
the final destination

Ensuring value is protected

  • Safely protected to the final destination every time
    Films for online retail, pallet packaging right through to solutions
    for container shipping and air freight
  • The right film for every format
    Films for all shapes, sizes, and packing regulations
  • Optimal protection during transportation and storage
     against external influences such as dust, dirt etc

Our solutions for Logistics & Shipping

ensuring everything arrives safely protected

Container shipping, pallet shipments, online retail shipping, products travel in various ways before reaching their final destination. That’s why we rely on a diverse portfolio of films for unit load securing and transport protection. From stretch films and hood solutions to air cushions, you’ll find an economically and ecologically range of solutions from us.

Formulated to provide robust quality and easy handling to ensure, your goods not only arrive safely at their final destination but you also benefit from time and cost savings. Wherever possible, we provide you with a sustainable option by offering our recyclable solutions with reduced thickness or recycled content.


Our portfolio excerpt for Logistics & Storage

Films for load unit securing

Wrapped or enclosed, manual or automatic, with us, you’ll find a wide range of stretch films, stretch hoods, shrink solutions, and air freight films. All designed to provide ideal protection during handling, transportation and storage and to provide the most cost and time efficient solution and, if desired, sustainability. All, in compliance with industry standards.

  • Ideal protection against external influences
    whatever the shape, size, or weight thanks to their robust qualities and high tear and puncture resistance
  • Achieving optimisation together
    We find the solution that suits you and optimizes your processes
  • Sustainability in all product areas
    through thickness reduction & increased recycled content

Film solutions for the delivery industry

Whether mailing envelopes, or shipping air cushions, we can provide you with a wide selection of solutions and the corresponding films. Direct protection of goods, whether independently or as part of cardboard packaging, is crucial when it comes to reducing damage and making a positive first impression on the recipient. Therefore, our solutions not only stand out for ease of processing and ideal protective properties but are also available as a recycled variant.

  • Proven selection of films
    a range as diverse as the types of shipping & goods to be shipped
  • Ideal for online and mail-order businesses
    thanks to attractive appearance and reliable properties
  • Environmentally conscious solutions
    Low weight, high recycled content, and good recyclability
  • Pack station design and integration
    available through RIPAC, part of our group

Are you looking for more protection for or around the product itself?

Then maybe our surface protection solutions for processing or our packaging films may be of interest to you!

Didn’t find the right solution at first glance?

Feel free to reach out to us. Our colleagues will happily work with you to find the right solution from our existing range. And if this is not possible, no problem, we will embark on a project together to meet your needs.

Are you active in more than one industry?
So are we!