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Bag-in-box Films

For small and large scale requirements

  • Traditionally used for water and juice applications
  • Also as a liner solution for barrels and tanks

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The Film for Your Bag-in-Box System

Bag-in-Box solutions are gaining popularity because the two component packaging (bag + carton) is a secure and reliable packaging solution that is much easier to handle and more cost-effective compared to, for example, bottled goods. For your solution, we can offer you the ideal film bags based on recyclable LDPE. In these bags, liquids such as juices, water, and wines are stored, protected from light, in the appropriate carton until opening.

The Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Durable & Tear-Resistant
    Made from at least 3 layers
  • Also available with an oxygen barrier
    EVOH 7-layer film
  • Ideal for further processing
    for example, tap insert
  • Recyclable
    Made from 100% LDPE

Liner Solution for Barrels & Tanks

Bag-in-Box Larger Than Expected

Whether it’s a brewery, a cruise ship, or a cooking oil bottler, they all rely on barrels and tanks for storing liquids such as beer, other alcoholic beverages, cooking oils, or juices before further processing or use. Storing large quantities often involves a labor-intensive cleaning process of the containers. This is where our liner solutions come into play.

The Benefits at a Glance

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