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Protective films for
furniture & interior design

Application optimised for flawless results
from manufacturing through to the end result

Our range of films for furniture and interior surfaces

– as diverse as interior design itself

However diverse the finish may be surfaces must appear flawless to customers. Ensuring this appearance from the initial processing stage to the finished result is the goal of our protective film solutions. Our self-adhesive films are precisely tailored to the requirements of each surface and process.

Practical testing conducted together with you, our customers, help us achieve this guarantee along with innovative manufacturing techniques that ensure a consistently high level of quality. With POLIFILM, you can be confident that you will find the optimum protection for even the most demanding solutions.

Diverse solutions

precisely tailored to the laminating material and processing requirements

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Surface protection –
that is anything but superficial

Did you know that the concept of protection doesn’t just stop at the surface for us? We take it a step further and provide solutions that also impress in terms of sustainability. For instance, the uncoated PE-based films we use are up to 100% recyclable. Additionally, when coating our films, we opt for more environmentally friendly adhesive solutions such as water-based adhesive systems. We are pleased to offer a selected range of films based on renewable raw materials. The latter are characterized by carrier films made of up to 85% bio-based polyethylene, providing optimum protection whilst simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.


Now even more sustainable! We can now offer you the usual high quality surface protection in films with recycled content. By choosing these protective films, you opt for the usual POLIFILM high-quality product but also make an active contribution to sustainability.

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Right on trend

Our protective films for contemporary surface designs

Natural and Artificial Stone

Marble, granite, and similar materials offer elegance and a touch of luxury in interior design and furniture selection. To ensure these surfaces remain flawless, we provide you with optimally matched surface protection in the form of self-adhesive films.


The unique lightness that glass can bring the living environment is unmistakable. To ensure that light shines flawlessly on and through your glazed areas, we offer specially tailored surface protection for this sensitive material.

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Aluminium brings exclusivity to various interior and exterior spaces. With POLIFILM you can find the optimum film for protecting refined aluminium surfaces, tailored to each application.

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Stainless Steel

High-quality, durable, timeless – that’s what stainless steel represents. To achieve this appearance, the surface must be well-protected especially during the processing stage. This is accomplished with our range of films which are as robust and reliable as the stainless steel material they are protecting.

Our Solutions

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At a glance

Our solutions for edge protection and wood-based material coating

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