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Protective films
with recycled content

No compromise: guaranteed

Identical protection – better environmental reward

We offer protective films with up to 30 percent recycled content.

Reduces resources and CO2

You get the same high quality protection you’re used to from POLIFILM PROTECTION but more sustainable than ever because we use recycled raw materials. The result, less new raw material is required, and your CO2 footprint is reduced.

The circular economy in action

Our protective film solutions with recycled content not only contain recycled material from film waste but they are also recyclable themselves and can be reused many times. A prime example of the circular economy in action.

Competitive advantage

The responsible use of plastics is becoming increasingly important for companies. As a result, protective films with recycled content offer customers a competitive advantage. With POLIFILM PROTECTION you can be an environmental leader and have a competitive edge over the competition.

A Selection of application areas

Our recyclate solutions are already in use in a variety of application areas– and the number constantly grows.

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Recycling with quality maintained

Recycling plastics is one thing.
Using recycled materials in sophisticated protective film solutions is another.

Identical high quality protection

POLIFILM PROTECTION offers you film solutions with recycled content with the same guaranteed quality protection. This is possible due to POLIFILM group’s years of experience in recycling and processing recycled materials into raw film. This enables us to maintain all the properties of the film even when using raw material with recyclate, whether it is post industrial recyclate (PIR), post consumer recyclate (PCR) or a mixture of both.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Carrier films with up to 30 percent recycled content
  • With either adhesive systems based on natural
    rubber and acrylics or as a co-ex cast protective film
  • Film printing
  • Available in all standard width films and film thicknesses up to 100 µm

RECYCLING Excellence

We are Pioneer with tradtion.

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Proven quality
– as a recycling company and in terms of transparency and demand for recyclate use

Recycling is the core competence of POLICYCLE with state-of-the-art technology including the award-winning fluff-to-film process and an increasing number of machines. Our expertise is certified by external bodies, for example as a recycling company by EuCertPlast certification and at product level by RecyClass. We are continuously expanding the list of RecyClass-certified products.

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