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Hand Stretch Films

We’ll help you pack

  • Easy Handling
    thanks to low roll weight
  • Minimal effort
    due to simplified stretching
  • Sustainable Film Solution
    up to 100% recyclable and available with recycled content

Hand Stretch Films – Quickly and Efficiently Wrapped

Our Solution for Better Handling

Hand stretch films are used, amongst other things, for securing picked goods in the distribution and logistics industry, as well as in retail. They are also used for securing fresh produce such as vegetables and flowers, or for internal transportation. They reliably protect your goods from environmental influences and damage during transportation.

Our hand stretch film solutions offer you the opportunity to wrap your products faster and more efficiently. Especially with low stretch volumes and various loading units, it is sometimes worthwhile and more environmentally friendly to manually stretch the packaging, as all of our hand stretch films are up to 100% recyclable.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Why Our Hand Stretch Film Makes Sense

Our hand stretch film solutions are not only easy to handle with minimal effort, but also offer additional advantages that help optimize your packaging processes.

  • Easy Application
    with minimal effort
  • Maximum Stability
    for optimized unit load securing
  • Simpler Handling
    the film roll is lighter
  • Customer Customisation
    available in a range of colours

Our Hand Stretch Films

From Standard to Premium, we have it all covered

From the classic Standard Hand Stretch Film for everyday requirements, the strong Power Film, the Soft-Plus Hand Stretch Film with a double edge, to the Pre-Stretch Film solution, with our hand stretch film range, you will find the optimum stretch film solution.

Our Classics

Proven Quality at Competitive Prices

HCC Standard

Our hand stretch film for simple applications. The HCC-Standard Hand Stretch Film offers a guaranteed stretch of 150% and is available from a film thickness of 12 µm.

HCC Power

The Hand Stretch Film HCC Power provides a guaranteed stretch of 200% and is also available from a film thickness of 12 µm. The HCC Power is our standard high quality solution with a lot of stretch.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you!

Standard is not good enough?

Then we have another option for you!


Learn more about our products from the POLIFLEXX reNATE series, our alternative solution for those who value sustainability even more. These films are not only 100% recyclable but also consist of at least 30% recycled material.



Explore our premium range of hand stretch films and find the right film for your requirements.

To Our Premium Range

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