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Banding Films

Secure bundling 

  • Tightly wound bundling films 
  • For pharmaceutical applications 
  • Solutions specifically for the beverage industry

PE Bundling Films 

Bundling and securing without adhesive 

Our transparent taut bundling solutions are the adhesive-free alternative for grouping product units. Produced without harmful substances under strict conditions, they can be used, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry for bundling medication packaging. We also have the right film solution in our portfolio for heavy products and large volumes, offering robust solutions tailored to the needs of, for example, breweries. Providing optimum solutions to complement your logistics process is always our focus:

Key Benefits at a Glance 

  • Excellent holding forces
    Due to optimum seal seams & welding
  • For automatic processing
    Specially designed  for automatic processing
  • Gentle on paper and cartons
    Ideal for bundling together smaller packaging units 
  • Recyclable
    Up to 100%, as it is made of PE

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