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Stretch films – safely wrapped

The stretch film solution for your packaging units

  • Optimal securing of your loading units
    time saving, reliable and cost-effective
  • Increased efficiency
    through resource savings and emissions reduction
  • Sustainable alternative for packaging processes
    up to 100% recyclable and available with recycled content

More than just film

Our stretch film solutions for manual and automated applications

For years, using stretch films to create and secure loading units has been the most cost-effective packaging solution. With our films, you not only get excellent pallet security during transport due to outstanding holding forces, but also certified and continuously controlled quality. Our stretch films are available in a variety of colours and can be customized to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Our film solutions, depending on the film type, are not only food-grade and UV-resistant, but are also resource saving and reduce emissions. They are also up to 100% recyclable, and many stretch film solutions are also available with recycled content. By using our films, you make a significant contribution to improving the circular economy.

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Find the right film type for your requirements

We offer a variety of different stretch film solutions

Finding the right film for your packaging processes or those of the customer is not always straight forward. When you buy from us, you don’t just get a film, you get first class and individual advice. We analyze your packaging processes and help you optimize it. Regardless of the loading unit or pallet shape, with us, you will find your ideal film for all your packaging requirements.

It's All About Form

The type of goods to be transported and how they are organized on the load carrier determines the choice of film for your requirements. Learn more about the different packing forms and pallet types and the requirements they demand of a suitable stretch film.

More About Packing Forms & Pallet Types

The ideal film solution for you

Your advantages at a glance

With our films you not only optimize your consumption and reduce disruptions your packaging process, but you can also actively contribute to improving the circular economy with our sustainable alternatives.

  • Optimal pallet security
    thanks to excellent holding forces
  • Optimization of your operations
    through resource savings and emission reduction
  • Reduction of material costs
    with our films, you reduce material consumption
  • Particularly sustainable
    Up to 100% recyclable & available with recycled content

Hand Stretch Film vs. Machine Stretch Film

Which is the better film solution?

The answer is simple: both film solutions!
Neither one nor the other film type is better. The key to optimal application and perfect results lies in choosing the right film adapted to your product and packaging processes

Hand stretch film

Hand stretch films are particularly suitable for different types of pallets and small quantities. This allows smaller quantities to be prepared quickly and effectively for further transport.

Our HAnd stretch films

MAchine stretch film

For larger volumes and high cycle rates, machine stretch film applied with an automatic stretch wrapper is more suitable. The automation saves time but ensures the same high quality wrapping.

our Machine stretch films


The optimum solution for every question – in our FAQs you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our stretch films.



Find out more about correct storage, choosing the right film and the differences between the individual film types.


Do you have questions? We are happy to help you!

Our Service for You

Expert recommendations

We offer more than just the film

Our experts provide you with a detailed overview of our products and their potential cost and time savings compared to your previous stretch films.

Individual on-site advice

With our experts, you will receive on-site focused advice tailored to your and your machines’ needs to improve your packaging processes and loading units.

Adapted to your needs

If the right film is not already available, we can tailor our products specifically to your needs and working together with you, find the ideal solution.


Test the different film types in our STRETCH ACADEMY. Our consultants help you redesign your operating processes and get the most out of your packaging. With our help, you can reduce your costs and material consumption for better results in securing your loads.



With our on-site service, you optimize your packaging processes and minimize risks that can occur due to incorrect settings and unsuitable films. Not only, but especially popular in the beverage industry. Because in the end, everyone benefits when we work together.

OUR Service

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Research and development at

Quality in focus

Inspection and control of our film solutions

Our products undergo continuous quality control. Our controls and quality assurance are based on the latest testing standards and state-of-the-art testing technology. We attach particular importance to the consistent quality of our stretch films and are constantly looking for ways to further improve our products. In our in-house laboratories, we check and control the quality of our film solutions and continually research improvements for our stretch films.

Our Innovations

Ahead of the times with innovation

We are always looking for new solutions for our stretch films to meet the increasing demands and changes in the field of loading units and pallet shapes. We actively support sustainable film solutions and continually develop our own formulations.


The film solution for everything that needs air to breathe. From the florist to the beverage industry, everyone can find what they’re looking for here.

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