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Stretching Like the Pros

Gain Your Competitive Advantage with Us

First-Hand Knowledge

Our Training Offer for You

Specialized application knowledge is the key to sustainable sales success in this fiercely competitive market. Become a confident problem solver for your customers and enhance your expertise as a specialist advisor. We assist you in acquiring detailed knowledge about the application spectrum of our stretch films and, most importantly, understanding it. Because this knowledge can become your decisive competitive advantage.

  • Competent Specialist Advisor
    for Your Customers
  • In-Depth Knowledge
    of the Application Spectrum
  • Sustainable Sales Success
    through Specialized Application Knowledge

Rethink Film

From Material Science to Application

During our 2-day training at our in-house Stretch Academy, you will not only get to know the raw materials involved in the various films and learn more about their different mechanical properties but also have the opportunity to test various stretch film solutions on a test winder, expanding your understanding of puncture and tear resistance.

  • Theoretical foundations
    for optimal product understanding
  • Application safety
    through practical self-experiment tests
  • Comparative tests
    of films and applications
  • Raw material knowledge
    for enhanced customer interaction
  • Practical tests
    test the films you currently use
  • Includes participant certification
    as evidence for your records and your customers

Puncture Resistance

Test different films with our experts to observe their behavior in extreme situations.

Recognizing Differences

Learn how to identify different film types and qualities.

Determining Values

Discover with our professionals how to collect and test film values and data.


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