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Stretch Hoods

Secure packaging and shipping

  • Security guaranteed
    For both the cargo and the users
  • Resource friendly
    fully automated, without any additional power sources required
  • Versatile application
    can be used in a variety of industries and with heavy loads

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Well covered

Our Stretch Hood Solutions

Whether you call it stretch tubing, or stretch hood, with our film solutions, your goods can be packaged fully automated, securely and reliably, without leaving a trace and whilst still retaining their visual appearance for transportation, handling, and storage even for heavy and demanding goods, such as bagged goods and white goods.

Your key benefits at a glance

  • Full flexibility
    for various packing and pallet formats
  • Process optimized
    Fewer roll changes, constant production
  • Environmentally friendly
    Lower energy consumption, 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for heavy packaging
    due to horizontal and vertical holding forces
  • Reduced accident risk
    due to fully automated process

Cost Effective

Tailored to your process

Our stretch hoods are cost effective, due to fewer roll changes and continual processing resulting in increased machine capacity. As a result of their unique design they also prevent sticking between individual pallets ensuring smooth workflow.

Stretch hoods are ideal for the protection during transportation, for example:

Stretch Hoods – Characteristics

  • are durable
  • ensure safe & stable outdoor storage
  • protect against adverse weather conditions
  • aesthetic design
  • are 100% recyclable

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