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Siliconizing films

Our carrier films for siliconization

  • Optimised solution
    Property profile tailored to your processes
  • Extremely elastic
    PP and PE are extruded in a blown process
  • Dual side siliconization available
    matched to your chosen release liner application
  • Sustainability
    also available with recycled content and certified material

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The perfect base for your release liner

Our carrier films for siliconization

Our siliconizing films, manufactured in blown extrusion, provide elasticity and align ideally to your processes. The formula of our carrier films are optimised for the special requirements of siliconization. This makes our siliconizing films suitable to ensure smooth processing for use with a wide range of systems whilst at the same time meeting the requirements of both oxidative thermal drying processes and UV drying. Our film solutions are designed to optimise and complement your processing requirements.

The most important benefits at a glance

  • Extremely process stable
    Ideal for high-speed applications
  • Dedicated systems for every drying process
    for UV & oxidative thermal drying
  • Tailored to your requirements
    considering process techniques, applications & printing
  • Continuous quality testing
    surface inspection via camera system

The right type for every property profile

We manufacture your siliconizing films from these polyolefins using the blown extrusion process

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