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Sustainable Label Films

More than just a Promise

  • Up to 100% recycled content from either PIR & PCR
    Both PE and PP label films
  • Made from bio-based raw materials
    Label films from Green PE
  • Certified Solutions
    ISCC Plus

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Contributing to the Circular Economy with Labels

The underestimated potential

“This packaging is made from 100% recycled material*”, “This bottle is fully* recyclable” – consumers often use packaging that may have limited recyclability or recycled content. In the past, this was often due to labeling or the type of closures.
But this issue has now been overcome.

Packaging can now be made from up to 100% recycled material and be fully recyclable, making a valuable contribution to the circular economy. POLIFILM supports manufacturers by providing a thoughtful portfolio for sustainable self-adhesive labels.

Label Films from PIR & PCR

An award winning second life as a label

Depending on the application, our label film solutions can consist of up to 100% post-industrial recycled material (PIR) or post-consumer recycled material (PCR). A combination of both material types is also achievable and this sustainable option won the German Packaging Award in 2019 in a collaborative project.

The advantages of label films with recycled content

  • Secured print quality
  • Excellent mechanical product properties
  • Stable supply


The product portfolio of label films with recycled content is rapidly changing driven by ever new raw material innovations. Here is an excerpt of our current solutions.

Label Films from Green PE

The renewable solution

Biobased is another keyword when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of products. Here too, labels can have a positive impact on the overall balance. Through our experience in processing biobased plastics, we can offer our customers label films made from up to 100% biobased Green PE, without any restrictions. Optionally certified with ISCC Plus or based on materials from directly traceable biological sources.

Certified Solutions

ISCC Plus – for more transparency in the supply chain

POLIFILM is ISCC PLUS certified.
Through the mass balance method, you, as a customer, can choose certified label film solutions. In this way, you contribute to the transparency and traceability of plastic solutions circulating in the market from sustainable raw material sources (circular, biocircular, biobased) along the entire value chain.

Would you like to learn more? We are happy to advise you!


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