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Label Films

Proven quality at the highest level

  • Polyolefin label film (PE&PP) 
  • From thin film to maximum thickness 
  • Customer-specific solutions

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Classic Label Films 

A strong foundation for a lasting impression 

Our label film solutions form the perfect basis for various types of self-adhesive labels. In addition to their effortless processing into product labels, the films, available in transparent and opaque options, excel due to their excellent printability and durability. 

The films protect against water, oil, and chemicals, and are therefore suitable for use in a variety of application areas. Our label films are also available with FDA approval and food compliance, making them the perfect solution in the pharmaceutical field too.

Key benefits at a glance

What POLIFILM Label Film Solutions Offer

  • Excellent flatness & machine processing
    Even in high-speed applications 
  • High-quality base for the perfect look
    Proven high-quality print image
  • Smooth die-cutting for perfect die-cut grid removal
    Both in MD and TD 
  • Suitable for challenging conditions
    Such as greasy and oily products
  • Customer-specific solutions
    Tailored to the application 
food compliance

Type Overview 

Strength – Triple Defined 

SOptimum strength in various thicknesses in three categories of blown film extrusion – that’s what POLIFILM offers its customers for their label solutions

  • Thin film solution | 50-65 µm 
  • Standard solutions | 78-82 µm 
  • Thick film solutions | 93-200 µm 

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