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Label Films Specialities

There is more to label films

  • HDPE solutions
    for special properties
  • In-mould label films
    for mono-material packaging
  • Metallizations
    for premium design
  • Antiviral & antibacterial properties
    for increased hygiene

Films for Special Labels

Our Specialities

Labels can do more than carry information. At the point of sale, they serve as a means of communication with and for the customer. An appealing product packaging design can be crucial in influencing purchasing decisions and enabling clear differentiation from the competition.

However, the demands on the function of a label and its film characteristics can be particularly challenging and unique. We address these challenges and can provide label films for a range of various niches and applications. Always ensuring a high quality precise fit.

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Our HDPE Versions

Flexible and robust

HDPE films are a perfect example when it comes to equipping label films with special properties. In addition to their high rigidity and puncture resistance, they excel during mechanical processing and automatic processing.

What HDPE label films offer:

  • Rigidity
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • deal for automated processing
  • Versatile applications
    from signs in the DIY store to price tags in the supermarket

PE & PP In-Mould Label Films

Ideal for Mono-Material Packaging

In-mould label films guarantee the “No-Label” Look. Instead of using direct printing, these label films are incorporated directly into the packaging through the injection moulding process. This eliminates a production step and provides scratch protection and increased durability. In addition to the PP variants, we also offer solutions for the thick film in-mould label market. Our solutions with a PE outer layer are specifically developed for HDPE and LDPE packaging, contributing to the creation of mono-material packaging.

Secure the “No-Label” Look for various packaging formats now


Premium Look Label Films

Give your packaging that special touch –simply by choosing the right label

Whether for body care or the home, metallizations add that special touch. To ensure flawless results, the homogeneous surfaces of our films guarantee the perfect anchoring of primer and metallization particles. For results without any curling effect or blocking. We offer selected films for two application types:

  • Films suitable for direct metallization
  • Base films for transfer metallization

Antiviral & Antibacterial Solutions

Label films for enhanced hygiene

Whether as a shipping label or large surface packaging component, labels often pass through many hands. To prevent the accumulation and transmission of pathogens, we provide label films with antibacterial and antiviral properties. These properties continuously reduce deposited viruses and bacteria for a more hygienic handling experience and safer packaging solution.

The new kind of cleanliness – improved hygiene through label solutions with special functions

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