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Evidently Secure Packing for the Beverage Industry

Film Excellence & Service

  • Process cost optimization
    Professional on-site error diagnostics
  • Reduced waste and downtime
    through targeted measurement and adjustment of wrapping parameters
  • Visible quality
    thanks to digital measurement and presentation of results

Optimization To Meet Your Requirements

with expert measured on-site consultation

Portable Force Measurement

The need for secure pallets is an especially fundamental requirement in the beverage industry. Typically, stretch films in the form of trays are used for repackaging pallets or shrink-wrapped six-packs for beverage cans or PET bottles.

Here, even small quality errors can bring the entire internal process chain to a halt. This can be caused by incorrect adjustment of the wrappers or the use of inferior quality film.  If this happens too often, it can have a financial impact.

Our Solutions for the Beverage Industry

3 types of films for both new and old stretch wrappers

We offer film solutions for both new and existing customers, specifically tailored to the needs of the beverage industry and suitable for pallets for all types of packing requirements characterized by optimally matched holding forces and excellent tear resistance.

  • 3 types with different stretch levels
    suitable for both state of the art machinery as well as older models with limited stretch
  • Variable mechanical properties
    guaranteed stretch from 150 to 400%
  • Ideal for all packing requirements
    from flush to overhang or underhang, including commissioned mixed forms
  • Perfect holding force & excellent tear resistance
    even in the event of small tears, the pallet wrapping remains stable.

Our Service at a Glance

Achieve More Success with Our Portable On-Site Force Measurement

Analysis and optimization

of your packaging process to reduce production disruptions

Protection of your goods and products

for example, against impression markings from cartons and unstable packaging

Reproducible force profiles

different stretch wrappers with the same level and force profile in the production process

Do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you!

How It Works

Meaningful on-site results

To measure the holding forces, the portable measuring device is installed in front of the wrapping process on a test pallet. The device captures the forces occurring both during and after the wrapping process, which are provided in the form of a practical diagram. This ideally shows a force curve in the form of a pyramid, representing the optimal wrapping and stability of the load unit.

If the force curve does not show an ideal image further measurements are taken after changing the stretch wrapper parameters or stretch film. By overlaying the output force profiles, we can identify the appropriate adjustments needed for improvement and implement them for you.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you!


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