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Films for natural and
artificial stone processing

Surface protection from start to finish

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Advanced solutions for the marble and ceramic industry

Precise, effective, and process efficient

Whether in interior design in the form of tiles, window sills, countertops or the furniture itself, with the right stone look, elegance and a touch of luxury are instantly added to any space. Whether it’s processed natural stone like marble and granite or high-quality artificial stones. However, manufacturers and processors need to protect these surfaces to ensure a flawless end result. Because it is the surface protection that protects the high-quality surfaces from the

beginning of the process right through to installation helping to optimize production. At POLIFILM we offer you a specifically designed range of protective film solutions for this purpose. Optimal adhesion and removability go hand in hand with tear resistance and UV resistance. Additionally, the self-adhesive transparent films allow visual inspection during the ongoing production and assembly process. Everything for a successful and satisfying end result.

Artificial Stone – Deceptively Real

Films for optimal protection of marble, quartz, and granite looking surfaces

Ideal adhesion on smooth surfaces

our application optimized protective films

High-quality artificial stone closely resembles its natural counterpart, especially after successful processing. For example, the slabs are brushed for an exceptionally smooth surface. Due to this intensive mechanical processing, the surfaces have high tension, which, in conjunction with the adhesive of the protective films, can lead to a chemical reaction resulting in the adhesion of the film being uncontrollably increased. Without action, the film becomes difficult to peel off and cannot be removed without leaving residues.

Precision for Rough Stone Décor

– secure adhesion even on complex surfaces

Regardless of how you enhance your artificial stone, whether polished, lightly textured, or with an extra rough finish, our application experts precisely adjust the adhesive properties of the protective film to the roughness level of the surface. Even heavily textured surfaces can be reliably protected with a securely adhering film.

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Protective Films for Natural Stone

Naturally well-protected

Similar to wood and other natural materials, natural stone exudes an indescribable fascination. Whether granite, marble, quartzite, sandstone, slate, or travertine, the unique natural structures of the stones enhance furniture and interior design in their own special way. In the wide range of materials available and their surface finishes, there is something suitable for every taste. Since each natural stone surface has its own specific requirements, we rely on customer-specific solutions for surface protection. With the help of intensive tests, our application technicians work with you to develop the tailored solution for your natural stone application.

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