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Surface protection
in architecture

Protective films for almost any application

Perfectly protected until completion

Films from POLIFILM PROTECTION: an indispensable element of architecture & design

When designing the interior and exterior of modern buildings, engineers and architects are increasingly turning to coated metals which offer designers almost limitless possibilities when planning wall cladding, facades, roofs, interior design, entrances and sanitary facilities, whilst at the same time, meeting the highest demands in terms of functionality and aesthetics. 
As a producer of such products, you must ensure that your valuable surfaces are protected from dirt and damage from production until installation on the building site and ideally beyond, until construction is complete. Our solutions offer you exactly that whilst also protecting you from complaints, time-consuming reworking and expensive project delays. 

The advantages at a glance:

  • Compatible with any coating
    Paint systems, decorative films, powder coatings
  • Perfect adhesion
    Safely protects the coated surfaces
  • Reliable protection during processing
    Withstands mechanical and thermal stresses
  • Extreme weather and UV resistance
    Film can remain on the surface for months
  • Assurance Guaranteed
    Residue-free removal – without tearing

Precisely surface protection

Matched to process, coating, gloss level & surface texture

Compatible with any coating:

  • All coating systems
    Polyester, PUR, PVDF, PVC plastisol
  • All decorative foils
  • All powder coatings
    from smooth up to rough texture 

For every architectural application

We offer application-optimised protective film solutions for, amongst other things:

  • Sandwich
  • Aluminium
    composite panels
  • Trapezoidal sheets
    & corrugated profiles
  • Insulating cold room
  • Roof tile patterned
    metal panels  
  • Powder-coated
    aluminium profiles 

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For smooth & effortless production processing

Wide range of standard and special protective films

Reliable, robust protection during processing

Our film technologies withstand high mechanical stresses, are tear-resistant and robust. They protect your product from scratches and other damage, during sawing, milling, drilling, cutting, bending, folding, roll forming or die cutting. For particularly demanding processes, we can also provide you with extremely thin high-strength films (HS films) that are even more puncture and tear resistant, as well as other special solutions that we have available.

Efficient on site processing –
for optimum on site co-ordination

Our protective films can be removed quickly in one piece, without tearing or leaving any residue ensuring time consuming and cost intensive reworking is not necessary. Thereby, improving efficiency of all the different processes on the construction, so that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. All films have excellent UV and weather resistance. Depending on the design, they can offer you effective protection for three to twelve months. Our special solutions can remain on the surface even longer without becoming brittle or peeling off.

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