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High-performance protective film for roof-tile effect metal sheets

Effective surface protection along the entire production process

  • The polypropylene protectivefilm is particularly elongatable and has a low restoring force.
  • It does not tear even when pressing extreme shapes with high and partly sharp offset edges.
  • An application-optimised adhesive formulation ensures optimum adhesion to the tile sheet.

Roof-tile effect metal sheets are becoming increasingly popular; they look like clay roof tiles, compliment the building and are much quicker to install. As they are much lighter than traditional roofing, the roof truss usually does not need to be reinforced for modern insulation. To ensure that the metal roofing tiles arrive at the construction site without compromise, POLIFILM PROTECTION, a leading manufacturer of temporary protective films for industry and trade, has developed a tailor-made protective film.

Metal roofing tile sheets are manufactured from coated steel or aluminium coils. The coating protects against rust and gives the metal the desired colour and visual effect either with a matt, semi-matt or glossy finish. To guarantee a flawless appearance until the final installation of the roof, manufacturers depend on surface protection films. 

Thick is not always the best!

A natural selection seems to be the use of thick films as heavy stresses are applied throughout the manufacturing process. Very often, these films peel off or tear during the production process. In order to create the tile effect, many rows of numerous individual tile patterns are roll-formed and pressed into large metal sheets under very high pressure. The forces exerted place an extreme load on the surface protection film which normally point towards the use of a thicker film, simply that is not the case! 

Engineering excellence for roof tile sheets

The R&D team at POLIFILM PROTECTION have surpassed expectations having engineered a protective film that offers producers of tile effect sheets and composite panels, all the necessary properties required. A polypropylene carrier film with an optimally engineered thickness assures a robust performance every time. Due to its transparency, it allows visual inspection at any time thus ensuring only the highest quality product reaches the customer. Its elasticity and stretch resilience are optimally tailored to the application, preventing both tearing and lifting, whilst ensuring adhesion is maintained across the entire surface after the sheet has been formed.

Performance is guaranteed, whichever surface

It is not just about the right carrier film; the talent lies in both the creation of the right adhesion system and in bringing these two together. POLIFILM PROTECTION’s new solution does just that; this film is equipped with a versatile and resilient solvent-based acrylic adhesive. Our engineers have created a solution that is compatible with all common coatings and ensures optimum adhesion, especially on rough surfaces, from the point of application, during the forming process and beyond. Longevity and temperature are not a concern. The adhesive system ensures clean and easy removal, in warm or cold conditions and in extended periods of outdoor exposure without the need for additional cleaning procedures. 

“Our new protective film is the ideal choice for the production of roof tile sheets.  It reduces the reject rate, facilitates quality control and protects the product from the first moment until it is installed on the roof”, explains explains Fulvio Camerini, Technical Director of POLIFILM PROTECTION’s Italian production and development site. “The new film is suitable for simple metal roofing tiles as well as for roof tile sheets with integrated insulation. With it, we are expanding our portfolio of high-performance standard and special solutions to include a significant application for the construction sector”.

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