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High-tech protection
for high-tech glazing

Protective films for coated glass

Extremely thin coatings need assured protection

Incredibly thin, but extremely effective

Coated glass is becoming increasingly common, especially in architecture. A low emissivity coating, for example, reflects thermal radiation and improves the insulating properties of the window. However, as effective as such coatings are, they are also thin and therefore sensitive to mechanical loads. This makes effective protection during production all the more important. At POLIFILM PROTECTION we have the solutions to these problems for glass manufacturers to benefit from.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Prevents damage
    Protects the coating from scratches and abrasion  
  • Highly compatible
    Film formulation is compatible with all commonly used coatings
  • Optimal Coverage
    One film width each and every time
  • Perfect application
    Wrinkles, bubble and tunnel free lamination

Tailor-made adhesion

Compatible with all commonly used coatings

Our protective films for coated glass adhere optimally during the entire processing operation. They preserve the chemical properties and visual appearance of the coating and can be easily removed as a result of the adhesive system and formulation which are adapted to meet the exact requirements of the coated glass. The surface is therefore protected from scratches and damage with the assurance that can be used for its intended purpose after installation.

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Protection up to 3,220 mm wide

One film width – that’s all it takes!

We supply glass protection films in widths up to 3,220 mm. Therefore, you can cover the standard width of 3,210 mm with only one film width without the need to laminate overlapping films thereby, saving material and time making your production more efficient and profitable. In addition, the risk of wrinkles, bubbles or tunnel formation is reduced. Optimum , surface protection go hand in hand with more cost efficient production.

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