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Protection films
for acid etched glass

Special protection during
the acid etching process

Quality assurance during acid etching processing

Resistant to acid vapours and splashes

Satin finish glazing offers the best of both worlds: it has high light transmission whilst also offering privacy. Its matt translucent appearance is achieved through a controlled acid-etching process. When processing the glass surfaces in order to achieve a frosted affect, even the smallest acid splashes can lead to rejections. That is why we have developed protective films for glass manufacturers and specialist glass processors that are uniquely adapted to the requirements of the acid etching process.

Advantages at a glance

  • Flexible laminating
    Assured lamination under
    a variety of conditions
  • Optimum adhesion
    No lifting
  • Damage Resistant
    Resistant to acid and mechanical damage
  • Easy removal
    Quick, residue and tear free removal
  • Customised widths
    Available in film widths up to 2600 cm

Specially developed for the acid etching process

High-strength formulation: innovative and tough

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Versatility during lamination

Edge lifting is prevented

Our glass protection films for acid etching processes are stiffer, stretch less, making them incredibly versatile and adaptable during lamination more than any other films. Even when high braking and unwinding forces are applied, shrinkage after lamination and therefore edge separation is prevented. The glass surface is optimally prepared for acid treatment.

Easy, residue free removal

After the etching process, the film can be removed in a single piece without tearing, regardless of its width. The removal process is quick and easy without leaving any residue, ensuring an efficient production process saving time and personnel costs.

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