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Shatter protection
for mirror backing

Efficient protection – during production, assembly, and everyday life

Injuries prevented, quality maintained

An end to sharp edges

Our shatter protection films make mirrors tougher and less fragile during production. They ensure product quality and protect users. If the mirror glass is damaged during processing or everyday use, our shatter protection films keep the glass fragments in place, preventing sharp edges forming and as a result, preventing injuries.

The advantages at a glance

  • Simply safe
    Prevents injury in the event of breakages
  • All round protection
    Protection against scratches and moisture preserving the products value
  • Highly compatible
    Solutions for all commonly used colours and mounting adhesives
  • Safety certified
    Safety certified according to BS EN 12600 and Class 2B2 

Flawless mirror surfaces 

Lifelong protection

Commercially available mirrors consist of a flat piece of glass with a delicate reflective coating and a thin layer of protective paint applied to the back. Our shatter protection films protect the mirror’s delicate coatings from scratches and other damage throughout the entire lifetime of the product. At the same time, they prevent moisture from penetrating the treated surface and detaching the protective paint. This makes them perfectly suited for use in high moisture environments.

Multiple benefits for mirror manufacturers 

High quality film solutions for every production requirement

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Safety certified

According to safety standard BS EN 12600

Shatter protection films from POLIFILM PROTECTION are also an excellent choice for manufacturers of mirror glass used in public spaces. They are certified to to European safety standard BS EN 12600 safety class 2B2 for flat glass in construction.

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