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Our path to
sustainable products

The 4-R concept of our film production


The right mix makes the difference

Finding the right approach for each film and its application

The 4-R concept  

From material reduction to the use of renewable raw materials and recyclates to increased recyclability,  the considerations in the design of sustainable film solutions are multiple. Therefore, instead of an “EITHER/OR” approach, we focus on a very clear “AND”. In practice, this means not only examining the film type to see which solution is right for it and

Retaining the same high quality  

its mechanical properties, but also keeping in mind the film’s intended use. The result: a broad portfolio of sustainable solutions that are of the same high quality in respect of their property profile as the standard range, can be effortlessly integrated into your existing processes, and in some cases combine more than one of the 4-Rs (reduce, renewable, recycle, reuse).

The 4-R concept in detail


Because less is more

We have always focused on reducing the thickness profile of our films as well as the adhesive coating to save material. This approach is supplemented wherever possible by using our film to replace process technologies and other materials. This is the case with our thermoplastic hotmelt films which can be an exactly matched substitute for powdered alternatives which are difficult to quantify in use.


Completely natural

Whether in direct use or using the mass balance process, we use up to 95% renewable raw materials in the PE content of our films, thereby supporting the conservation of resources as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions. Transparency plays a decisive role for us. Traceability through documentation or external certification is always a priority. We are proud to be able to offer you numerous films with ISCC PLUS certification.

  • Up to two thirds  less CO2 emissions
    through the direct use of biobased plastics, for example obtained from sugar cane
  • Not at the expense of food production
    the raw material sources in our solutions use the mass balance method corresponding to by-products and waste products, such as used cooking oils (fats) and oil

Designed for Recycling

Designed for recycling is one of the most important phrases of current times, because it means that once the film has served its original purpose this does not have to mean the end of its life cycle. That is why we emphasize the importance of designing our films in such a way that they are maximally recyclable, but we also go one step further. POLIFILM EXTRUSION offers its customers its own range of PE and PP films for mono material solutions. For sealing and printing films which, also includes films for intermediate layer. Everything you need to make the classic multilayer composite sustainable.



POLIFILM is an EuCertPlast certified recycler. With the fourth subgroup POLICYCLE, we have made it our mission to establish and expand film cycles with our customers. This also includes the reprocessing and recycling of used films. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and decades of experience, we have also been able to successfully recycle adhesive films, such as protective films and agricultural stretch, for the first time. Discover the world of POLICYCLE now.

More About policycle


Recycling is efficient when the regranulate obtained is returned to applications of equal or higher value. Therefore, we focus on the use of post-industrial and post-consumer recyclates of up to 100% PE content within our portfolio. This also includes the processing and recycling of used POLIFILM films. Here too, transparency is the key, and we are already able to offer a large number of our solutions with the RecyClass certification.

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