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RecyClass certification along the entire film portfolio

POLIFILM EXTRUSION focuses on transparency in the use of recycled materials.

” For us, sustainability and transparency go hand in hand,” says Dr. Gottfried Weyhe, Senior Research & Development Manager and project manager for RecyClass certifications at POLIFILM EXTRUSION. “It is important to us not only to make our progress in terms of using recycled materials in our films externally visible, but also to provide our customers with an independent, valid certificate for themselves and their own customers. By doing so, we want to give our customers even more certainty about the audited percentage of recycled plastic in their products and about the traceability via our audited and certified processes.

” For us, sustainability and transparency go hand in hand”

Dr. Gottfried WeyheSenior Research & Development Manager

Because the latter and transparency are essential in the handling and use of post-industrial recyclate (PIR) and post-consumer recyclate (PCR), especially if, as a film manufacturer like us, you are also an EucertPlast-certified recycler,” continues Dr. Weyhe.

It is precisely for this reason that POLIFILM has had its products from the packaging films, laminating films, stretch films, and also construction and agricultural films ranges, which are made entirely or partly from PIR and PCR, certified by the independent, cross-industry RecyClass initiative. In addition to the traceability of the recyclates used along the value chain, the audit also verifies the recyclate content in terms of quantity and origin. The latter serves to identify and clearly differentiate PIR and PCR for the customer.

“We are pleased to be able to offer our customers further RecyClass certified solutions in the future, in addition to the more than 20 film types already certified, and to provide them with the official “X% RECYCELD PLASTIC” label, thus making a decisive contribution on the way to a traceable circular economy,” concludes Dr. Weyhe.

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