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Co-ex Cast Protective Films

Industry-leading protection solutions –
for a wide range of surfaces and applications.

Our Co-ex Cast protective films are completely tailor-made

POLIFILM not only develops the formulations for the multi-layer cast films but our know-how also ensures the right adhesive components within our raw materials ensure perfect adhesion every time. In-house knowledge, in-house development, in-house compounding.

Co-extruded protective films

Bespoke, multi-layer Cast films with integrated adhesive layer

Our films are produced by extruding mainly PE granulates. We use the so called cast or flat film extrusion process. The granulate is melted and homogenised in an extruder. The melt is then transported by pressure to the nozzle at the die which is then forced out and poured directly onto a chill roll. The resulting film is then removed from the chill roll and wound into a core.

In addition, our protective films are manufactured using the co-extrusion process in which different polymers are combined to form a multi-layer film. During this process, we use the different mechanical and physical properties of the polymers and equip the individual film layers with very specific properties tailored to the customers’ needs. At the same time, the tackiness of the film is introduced directly into the protective film as a separate layer.

For this purpose, several extruders feed a variety of different raw materials, including a melted adhesive component into one single die. The geometry of the die is perfectly matched to the feeding extruders, the consistency of the melted raw materials, the pressure and the speed of the feed. The result: a high quality three to five layer protective film with integrated adhesive layer equipped with customised adhesive and film properties.

Optimum surface protection

Application specific extruded film

Specialist film solutions

Thermoforming plastic sheets

For the special requirements of thermoforming a variety of plastic sheets, our Co-ex specialists have developed unique protective films. These high quality films offer maximum flexibility and excellent elongation properties, whilst guaranteeing a correspondingly high level of adhesion both before and during thermoforming. After thermoforming the adhesive properties are reduced to a lower level for easy, efficient removal especially around intricate shapes.


With a variety of measures in place, we ensure that our products and our production are becoming increasingly more environmentally and climate friendly, whilst at the same time supporting our customers in improving their carbon footprints too.

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Two specialised Co-ex sites

Maximum flexibility for our customers


Our production and development site in Israel

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Our production site in Germany

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