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(PC) Solid Sheets
– perfectly protected

With high-performance films from POLIFILM

Ensuring the quality expectation of your product

Processing made easy

Polycarbonate solid sheets are perfect for areas that require maximum resistance from breakages. This is why they are often used as glazing for objects at risk of vandalism and burglary, such as bus shelters at bus stops, bicycle shelters and other public areas. However, the material is also ideal for vehicle glazing, displays, signs and machine covers. POLIFILM PROTECTION offers a range of films to protect your polycarbonate sheets during processing and assembly and reliably protect them from scratches, abrasion, dirt and moisture, ensuring perfect preservation of the glass like appearance.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Versatile protective film solutions
    Coextruded and adhesive-coated films for every requirement
  • High-performance solutions for thermoforming
    Tailor-made properties for pre-drying and moulding
  • Application-specific formulation
    Guarantee perfect adhesion and removal properties
  • Highly Resistant
    Protect the surface safely from damage and scratches
  • No reworking
    Residue-free removal in one piece – without tearing

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Optimum protection during processing

Comprehensive protective film solutions – adhesive-coated & co-extruded

Ideal properties

For machining processing methods 

Our adhesive coated and co-extruded protective films offer precisely the right adhesive strength to ensure secure adhesion over the entire application period. The same applies to the films themselves. Perfectly matched film properties and thicknesses ensure sufficient puncture and tear resistance to optimally protect the polycarbonate sheets during drilling, sawing, milling and cutting.

Tailor-made for thermoforming

High temperature resistant protective films – perfectly matched to each process step

Pre-drying optimised

Before thermoforming, the plastic must be dried in a special oven to ensure a residual moisture content of less than 0.01 percent which prevents quality issues such as bubble formation which can occur during forming and moulding. Our special co-extruded protective films can remain on the surface during pre-drying and can be easily removed again after thermo-activation. No reworking is required, as the adhesive is integrated into the protective film and residue free removal is guaranteed.


Up to 14 days without sticking!
POLIFILM PROTECTION’s latest protective film developments ensure quality, reduce rejections, speed up processing and save energy and resources at the same time – a combination of advantages that is unique in the market.

Product Details

Engineered for thermoforming

Our co-extruded protective solutions, specially developed for thermoforming, are resistant to high temperatures and guarantee optimum protection during the forming process. After cooling they can be easily removed without leaving any residue behind. POLIFILM PROTECTION can provide you with the right protective solution for every thermoforming process whether for line bendingshallow or deep thermoforming.

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