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Covering Protection

Better with self-adhesive protective films

  • Extremely resistant
    Resistant to paints, varnishes, solvents, oils and mortar
  • Simple, quick application
    Large areas protected without masking tape
  • Safety Assured
    No tearing, rippling or trip hazards
  • Clean removal
    Quick and residue-free removal

Special protection for sensitive carpet surfaces

Optimum protection during renovation

Carpets pose a special challenge when it comes to interior finishing or renovation. The problem is that paint and dirt can penetrate deep into the carpet structure and thorough cleaning is rarely successful. However, most materials used to protect slip on the fibrous texture of the carpet.

That is why POLIFILM PROTECTION have developed a special self-adhesive protective film that guarantees optimum protection and reliable adhesion to carpet and other fibrous surfaces during construction, renovation and refurbishment work.

Tailor-made film properties

Every detail adapted to the requirements of carpets

Would you like to learn more? We will be happy to help you!

Safety assured

Films with additional safety features

Would you like to learn more? We will be happy to help you!

Quick & Easy Application

Optimum protection, in no time at all

Our carpet protection films are easy to unroll and can be quickly applied,  adhering reliably to the surface. The reverse winding option is particularly convenient for large areas. Here, the adhesive layer is on the outside which makes it even easier and faster to unroll by hand or foot.

Resilient with residue free removal

Optimum protection, clean removal

Our carpet protection films are extremely tough, robust and tear resistant. They withstand all the typical challenges of renovation work whilst providing optimum protection against dirt, paint, varnish or water. They can be quickly and easily removed without tearing or leaving any adhesive residue.

Safety Assured

Smooth protection preventing trip hazards

Our carpet protection films do not slip or peel off prematurely. They adhere securely to the entire flooring guaranteeing a smooth surface at all times without creasing or rippling, for a safer renovation ensuring no trip hazards are present. Our films are also available with special anti-slip properties.

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