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First impressions count

Protective films for advertising displays

  • Developed for aluminium composite panels
    Ideal for displays, exhibition stands, signs, etc.
  • Versatile protective film solutions
    For all paint systems, gloss levels and surfaces
  • Resistant
    Protects the surface from damage and scratches
  • No ghosting effect
    Optimal print results without “ghosting” effects

Perfect protection for a perfect appearance

Protective films for aluminium composite panels – indispensable in advertising technology

It is impossible to imagine advertising without aluminium composite panels. They are easy to shape, available in many colours and structures and can be printed using direct digital printing. This makes them the material of choice for exhibition stands, POS design, displays, signage and much more.

We have developed our protective films for advertising technology to ensure that aluminium composite panels are optimally protected against dirt and damage during production, processing and installation. Because, nowhere does the first impressions count more than the initial customer contact.

Resistant and versatile

Protective films for advertising technology prevent damage

From production to installation

Precisely matched to the coating system, gloss level and surface structure, our protective films adhere reliably to the surface. They are tear and puncture resistant and can withstand all mechanical stresses in the production process. They provide optimum protection when sawing, punching, cutting, milling, drilling, bending or folding.

Efficient, safe processes

Time pressure is a constant factor in advertising technology, trade fairs and shop construction. That’s why, thanks to the Easy-Peel effect, our films can be removed effortlessly without leaving any residue, even when applied to large areas. The surface is immediately ready for any further processing required e.g. printing, without the need for any reworking.

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The faster you peel off a film, the less force is required. How does this work and more importantly, how can you do it without leaving any residue or adhesive on the surface? We have summarised the answers and further information about Easy-Peel from POLIFILM PROTECTION for you.

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Printing without ghosting effect

Ghosting problem eliminated

When using conventional protective films on which a manufacturer’s logo or processing instructions are printed, the image printed on the film can react with the surface of the substrate to which it is applied. If that surface, e.g. aluminium composite panels is then printed using digital or screen printing processes, the film print image may then appear as a “ghost image”. That is why we laminate printed films with a very thin additional film for maximum resistance to colour abrasion and perfect advertising printing without any “ghosting effect”.

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