Laser Protection Films

Universal Laser Protection

The PF584CS laser protection film is the classic in the POLIFILM PROTECTION range. No wonder: it is extremely versatile, suitable for both CO2 and fibre lasers, guarantees the best processing results and reduces the rejection rates. 

Optimum Adhesion

The PF584CS laser protection film is a high-performance all-rounder. It has a comparatively high adhesive strength, adapts optimally to the substrate and therefore has the necessary adhesion to protect against bubbling during piercing or cutting laser cutting. 

The film retains its excellent performance even under a range of unfavourable conditions - for example, when cutting particularly thick sheets or poorly absorbing materials, at unfavourable processing temperatures, when using low power lasers or simply if the film is overstretched due to excessive pretension during lamination.

Outstanding formability 

The PF584CS laser protection film is extremely tear-resistant yet flexible. This makes it an optimal protection film for manual, semi-automated and fully automated forming processes, ideal for sheets that are bent, folded or stamped. But not only that. Furthermore the carrier film has a very homogeneous film quality and is virtually gel-free. The film's flatness remains even preventing damage to the metal surface that can occur when force is applied during forming, should the film's flatness be uneven.

Excellent removal properties

After processing, the PF584CS is easily removed in no time at all - without tearing and completely residue-free. This eliminates the need for subsequent cleaning, which has a further positive effect on productivity. 


Advantages of the PF584C laser protection film

  • Impressive adhesion to rough and structured surfaces
  • No bubbling especially on problematic surfaces
  • High quality cutting without burring or risk of carbon deposits
  • Homogeneous film quality, virtually gel-free
  • Tear resistant with excellent forming characteristics
  • Easy to remove - no residues or tearing
  • UV-resistant up to six months
  • Functional print
  • Can be also used on CO2 lasers


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