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Premium protection
for fibre laser cutting

Excellent results at full power

Maximum speed without compromise

Increased productivity, Increased output, increased efficiency

If you still restrict the cutting speed when using a fibre laser, we have good news. With our special film formulation and special additives, we have optimally adapted the absorption capacity of the PF84C laser protection film to the wavelength of the fibre laser. As a result, it converts all of the energy of the laser into heat when cutting.

In production, this means even at maximum speed, the laser cuts through both the product and protective film in a single step whilst still maintaining its first class cut quality making your processing more efficient. The same applies when processing aluminium and other highly reflective metals. Here too, the absorption improves significantly thereby increasing the cutting process efficiency.

High-tech film for high-tech applications

Maximum speed whatever the cutting complexities

  • Maximum speed
    when cutting with the fibre laser
  • Highest quality cutting
    without burrs or carbon traces
  • Less cleaning required
    Reduced laser nozzle contamination  
  • Easily removed
    No residue, no tearing
  • Six months UV resistance
    Ideal for outdoor applications
  • Equally suitable for CO2 lasers
    One film for both technologies

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The PF84C does even more…

Assured quality reduces rejections and reworking

Optimum adhesion, bubble-free cutting

The adhesive in the PF84C adapts perfectly to the substrate, ensuring ideal adhesion and prevents bubble formation during piercing or cutting. Even complex cutting geometries with clean, burr free edges at maximum cutting speed are possible without compromise. Because our laser protection film is extremely tear resistant, it can withstand bending, folding or punching whilst still being easily removed without leaving any residue.

Productivity boost by film absorption: optimum cutting quality at maximum fibre laser speed

Reduced laser nozzle contamination

But that’s not all. Because with the PF84C the laser nozzle gets less dirty than with a conventional protective film, you can extend your maintenance cycles, optimise your machine running time and significantly increase your productivity.

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All the advantages of our laser protection film
PF84CS at a glance. Discover them now!

Highest speed cutting
of thin sheets?

Do you often process thin sheets with a thickness of less than 0.8 mm? Then we have a protective film specially optimised for this application for you.

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