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Transparent protection for fibre laser cutting

For constant quality control during production

Ensuring quality – at a glance

The protective film that prevents scrap and costly errors

With the PF34C laser protection film, we have developed the first highly transparent protection film for fibre lasers. It offers a distinct advantage by enabling continuous visual inspection throughout the entire production process. As a result, the PF34C makes quality control significantly easier for you.

Unlike with coloured protective films, you do not have to remove the PF34C for a visual inspection. This saves time and improves production efficiency. The transparent film means any potential defects can be easily noticed during processing rather than only once complete, thereby helping to reduce scrap rates and costly errors.

Highly transparent film solution

Constant quality control. Guaranteed process optimisation. Highest quality cutting.

  • Highly transparent
    for optimal visual inspection
  • Perfect alignment
    of grain directions and patterns
  • Precision cutting
    burr and carbon free edges
  • No bubbling 
    thanks to optimised adhesion
  • Easily removed
    Without residues or reworking
  • For fibre and CO2 lasers
    One film for both technologies

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Guaranteed process optimisation

The benefit of maximum productivity

No more errors

The sheet structure, pattern and coloured coatings of the sheet to be processed are easily identified when using the PF34C. Errors such as taking the wrong sheet from stock, preparing and processing it becomes virtually impossible

Highest quality cut, residue free removal

We have optimised the adhesive formula of our PF34C so that it adapts perfectly to different surfaces. The result is an adhesion that prevents blistering when cutting and guarantees precise, burr and carbon free cuts. The protective film can be easily removed upon process completion without tearing and without leaving any residues

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Download Here:

All advantages of our highly transparent
PF34CS at a glance.

Full visual control when processing thin metal sheets?

If you are looking for a highly transparent protective film for sheets up to 0.8 mm thick: You will find it here!

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