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Machine and Plant Operator (F | M | D)

Your contribution to smooth and efficient production

  • Company pension scheme
  • Practice oriented training as part of a great team
  • Cost of mandatory literature covered 

Your training in the field of equipment and machinery in production

From installation to troubleshooting – here you learn everything about equipment and machinery

As a Machine and Plant Operator, you work in the heart of our company. You keep the production of our high-quality surface protection films created from raw film, adhesive, colour, and print templates, running at a speed of much more than a hundred metres per minute!

You need to be skilled due the complexity of our production lines which feature high-tech computer controlled machinery. No two films are alike. Each film is unique. Everything must fit together perfectly. We teach you how to prepare production, set up and deliver the plan. You learn everything you need to know about temperature and speed parameters order quantity and

commissioning. You acquire important expertise in quality assurance, troubleshooting, and maintenance. At the end of your training, you will know all the important controls and settings and have the necessary skills to control our systems and safely handle our rolls of film which can weigh up to 500 kilograms.

Training Matters

The training covers

  • Under the guidance of our experienced trainers, you will acquire all the necessary expertise for the parameterization and commissioning of our systems.
  • You will have the opportunity to get to know our adhesive manufacturing and learn more about film finishing.
  • You will become acquainted with our quality assurance department and gain practical experience with the testing procedures we employ.
  • You will become familiar with common techniques such as drilling, filing, or grinding in our workshop and get a glimpse into our logistics area.

What else we can offer you

We provide you with everything you need for your career path

With us, you not only receive an attractive training allowance but also acquire expertise that you cannot gain elsewhere. You will become an aspiring specialist within our facility and, with the right performance, have an excellent chance of permanent employment. We encourage you to work as independently and responsibly as possible during your training and, in the event of employment, continue to develop these skills. You can obtain your crane operator’s license during your training, with other various training and further education opportunities available to you as well.

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Your training at POLIFILM

Within the company, internal training workshop, and vocational training

Your apprenticing company is POLIFILM PROTECTION MANUFACTURING GmbH & Co.KG. Your training lasts for 2 years. You will be deployed within the company and gain experience and training in different departments. In vocational schooling, you will learn important background knowledge and theoretical foundations. During your training, you will keep a digital report book and work closely with your trainers.

Training Requirements

More than just accuracy is required here

Are you curious and have an eagerness to learn? Do you possess not only intelligence but also manual dexterity and an understanding of technical processes? Do you have an interest in physics and technology, and are enthusiastic about your work? Are you organised and work precisely and accurately?

  • Self-Organised
  • Meticulous and accurate
  • Curiosity and eagerness to learn
  • Good work ethic
  • Good knowledge of physics and mathematics is advantageous

Interested? Then apply now at POLIFILM!

Further training opportunities

at our location in Wipperfürth

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