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Leading Service Centres collaborate

  • Kloeckner Metals Germany GmbH, Becker Aluminium-Service GmbH and Becker Stainless Center GmbH are entering into a collaboration with the protective film manufacturer POLIFILM PROTECTION.
  • As part of this partnership, the service centres will prioritize offering POLIFILM’S protective films in the future.
  • POLIFILM PROTECTION’s process optimized protective films will enable the customers of the service centres to achieve improvements in quality and efficiency.
  • Together, they aim to assist customers in enhancing their carbon footprint and achieving their sustainability goals.

Added Value for Customers.

Three leading service centres for stainless steel and aluminum, namely Kloeckner Metals Germany GmbH, Becker Aluminium-Service GmbH and Becker Stainless Center GmbH, have entered into a partnership with protective film manufacturer POLIFILM PROTECTION. Going forward, they intend to prioritize offering POLIFILM protective films to their customers which will support them in achieving maximum productivity and efficiency. The partners also have ambitious plans in terms of sustainability.

For many years, Kloeckner Metals Germany and the two companies within the Becker Group have been collaborating with POLIFILM PROTECTION. All four companies share a strong commitment to quality and customer orientation. Under the new partnership, the service centres will primarily utilize protective films from their strategic partner.

The decision was straightforward: POLIFILM possesses comprehensive process understanding and industry leading expertise in the development and production of protective films and customized adhesive formulations. As a result, customers benefit from process optimized films that are perfectly tailored to their production processes, offering ideal protective and adhesive properties. “POLIFILM PROTECTION has expertise that empowers our customers to enhance their productivity and quality,” says Alexander Oberg, Head of Indirect Spend Germany for Becker and Kloeckner Metals Germany. “In the future, we aim to work together to generate additional value, especially in the realm of sustainability.”

Sustainability is of utmost importance to all partners. With the umbrella brand Nexigen® of the parent company Klöckner & Co SE., Becker Stahl-Service GmbH and Kloeckner Metals Germany are among the first steel distributors to offer CO₂-reduced steel and metal solutions, also known as “green steel.”

Whilst POLIFILM boasts over 30 years of experience in recycling and continues to further develop  and advance recycled materials. Recently, the company established the subgroup POLICYCLE, dedicated to the entire product lifecycle: from collecting post-consumer films to recycling and incorporating recycled materials into new film applications. “Not all recycled materials are the same,” explains Paul Beaver, CEO of POLIFILM PROTECTION GmbH. “With POLICYCLE, we cover the entire cycle and have the necessary systems to eventually incorporate recycled materials into even highly demanding film solutions.”

The determination of these four partners to translate sustainability into customer benefits is evident through their individual efforts. Now, they are joining forces to help customers further reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals.

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