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Neither heat nor adhesive necessary

POLIFILM EXTRUSION rethinks laminating films

  • Self-laminating polyethylene (PE) film
  • Activable by corona treatment
  • Cost- and time-saving alternative to classic thermal lamination and adhesive coating
  • Ideal also for digital printers by reducing time-to-market
  • Reduces investment and energy consumption compared to thermal lamination

The extrusion film specialist POLIFILM EXTRUSION raises laminating films to the next level and thus offers a worthwhile alternative for two conventional processing methods at the same time.

The new development from POLIFILM requires neither additional adhesive nor thermolamination  for lamination. The polyethylene (PE) film solution is activated solely by a corona treatment and can therefore be processed inline on existing printing and cutting systems, both as a laminating solution and as an overlaminate.

For digital printers, this means a drastic reduction in the time-to-market. While adhesive variants used to take up to 72 hours to fully dry, POLIFILM’s new development can be processed within 1 hour. As a result, orders can be scheduled even more efficiently and costs can be demonstrably reduced. An additional bonus: by dispensing with the adhesive layer, the recyclability of the laminate can be increased. But the solution also pays off for companies that are new to the packaging or laminating market. There is no need to invest in expensive thermolaminating systems, and at the same time process costs are lower due to the fact that no additional energy is required to achieve the high temperatures. Eliminating the need for a laminating machine also has a sustainable effect by positively influencing the CO2 balance of both the product and the company.

POLIFILM currently offers this type of PE films approved for food contact in thicknesses of 25-120 µm.



Denise Kirschbaum

Project Manager Corporate Development

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