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Optimum protection and efficient production

Film solutions for deep drwaing processes by POLIFILM PROTECTION

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Deep Drawing ranks amongst the most common techniques for the intense forming of Stainless Steel sheets. The portfolio from POLIFILM PROTECTION offers a film for every production process, combining uncompromised surface protection, maximum efficiency and optimum process reliability.

POLIFILM PROTECTION is one of the leading and most experienced manufacturers of temporary surface protection films for the sheet metal working industry, offering a wide range of deep drawing films. Their portfolio features protection films for both light draw and heavy deep drawing as part of complex, multistage processing procedures alike.

POLIFILM PROTECTION’s deep drawing films exceed customer expectations: They are transparent and allow for an immediate visual inspection at any time. They protect surfaces from scratches and draw marks and withstand the incredible forces exerted in the forming process. Due to the Adhesive and Film formulations developed by POLIFILM PROTECTION, the films come with exactly the required adhesion properties and removal characteristics for the given application.

Optimize automated production processes: PF V21/60 S WP PV3 with Easy-Peel features

The Easy-Peel deep draw film PF V21/60 S WP PV3 is the ideal solution for automated and tightly synchronized production processes, in which protection films need to be removed cleanly and quickly from large surfaces. The faster the film is removed, the less force is needed, a characteristic resulting from a special acrylic adhesive.

Premium deep drawing film: PF V42 C

The high end deep drawing film PF V42 C is a perfect example of how POLIFILM PROTECTION’s special knowledge supports the process of deep drawing. The carrier film is based on an optimized Polyolefin, developed to ensure reliable protection of valuable Stainless Steel surfaces throughout the entire deep drawing and production process, until the product is finally delivered to the end customer.

The film has unique advantages: superb deformation properties, excellent tensile strength and a minimum restoring force; which were previously, until now, provided exclusively by PVC films. Hence, it easily masters multistage deep drawing with high draw depths and tight draw radii, even if these steps are performed at separate intervals. The film does not become detached, lift or tear.

Additionally, the PF V42 C provides all the advantages of PVC films whilst leaving behind any of the negative characteristics of PVC. PF V42 C is more cost efficient and environmentally friendly, easy to dispose of and simple to recycle. Unlike PVC films, the POLIFILM solution does not contain chlorides thus lowering the risk of corrosion. Its special natural rubber adhesive guarantees optimal adhesion and a low gel level: It does not form any glue spots which could potentially damage the Stainless Steel surface during the process of forming.

“With our deep drawing films, we offer our customers a crucial tool to meet and beat their customers’ quality specifications. Whether it is in the automotive, domestic appliance, or engineering industry,” says Paul Beaver, CEO at POLIFILM PROTECTION. “Not only are our deep draw films uncompromised during material handling processes, they have also become an integral part of the value chain. The reduction they demonstrate in rejections and complaints, contribute to higher profitability.”

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