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Professional masking for renovation & refurbishment

Self-adhesive film protects glass and many other surfaces from dirt, paint, plaster and co.

  • Self-adhesive glass protection films from POLIFILM PROTECTION protect sensitive surfaces during renovation and restoration.
  • They adhere to windows, glass doors, wooden and stone floors, ceramics, PVC, painted and powder-coated surfaces.
  • The protective films do not slip and are resistant to paint, plaster, varnish, moisture and dirt, among other things.
  • POLIFILM PROTECTION glass protection films can be removed quickly and without residue after use.

During renovation and refurbishment projects, professional tradesmen and private consumers both face the same question: What’s the quickest and most efficient way to protect surfaces from paint, dirt, plaster and other unwanted contamination during painting and facade works? POLIFILM PROTECTION’s self-adhesive protective films for glass are the answer. They protect each surface and are quick to remove without leaving any residue after completion of the job.

Covering surfaces with loose plastic sheeting or paper then fixing with masking tape consumes materials and time and is not very practical or efficient in the end. The masking tape can become unstuck resulting in the sheet moving making the job more difficult. Paper can get wet, which on valuable surfaces such as wooden floors can cause damage. Another problem using masking tape is that once the renovation works have been completed, residue from the tape often remains on the surface requiring additional cleaning.

With POLIFILM PROTECTION’s self-adhesive protective films for glass, these sorts of problems are avoided. They are suitable for professional use by tradesmen as well as for private consumers. Thanks to a special film formulation and an acrylic-based adhesive, they don’t just stick to windows, glass doors and other glass surfaces, but also to wooden and stone flooring, ceramic tiles, PVC surfaces and painted or powder-coated materials.

These glass protection films can be applied in a few simple steps, they are tear resistant and offer protection from paint, plaster, dirt and moisture. They have excellent UV and weather resistance which makes them also ideal for outside jobs. Even in adverse weather conditions the film won’t prematurely detach. Depending on the specific product, they can remain on the surface for up to six months and still be removed quickly and easily without tearing once the work has been completed, leaving a clean, residue free surface.

POLIFILM PROTECTION glass protection films are available in transparent or translucent tinted versions. Both allow light to pass through enabling interior works to be carried out under natural lighting. The transparent film lets daylight into the room unhindered whilst the translucent tinted film offers a degree of visual privacy and is immediately recognisable on the covered surface.

POLIFILM PROTECTION glass protection films are made from fully recyclable polyethylene and are available in a range of widths in a practical 100 metres roll length. 

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