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Shatter protection film for mirror glass: product line-up significantly expanded

Film solutions reduce the risk of injury if a mirror breaks

  • POLIFILM PROTECTION significantly expands its shatter protection film range for mirrors and glass
  • POLIFILM PROTECTION shatter protection films reduce the risk of injury in case of breakage
  • Shatter protection films from POLIFILM PROTECTION protect the vulnerable paint layer on the back of the mirror from damage
  • Shatter protection films from POLIFILM PROTECTION are safety certified for use in public areas.
  • POLIFILM PROTECTION shatter protection films are compatible with industry standard protective inks and mounting adhesives.

The film specialist POLIFILM PROTECTION has significantly expanded its range of shatter protection films, offering mirror manufacturers a high-quality, optimised film solution for every production requirement. As well as polyethylene films, the line-up now includes polypropylene and polyester-based films in widths of up to 2,600 mm. 

Commercially available mirrors consist of a flat piece of glass with a delicate reflective coating covered by a thin layer of protective paint, applied to the back. By applying an additional shatter protection film over the protective paint significantly increase safety: if a breakage should occur, the shatter protection film holds the glass fragments in place and prevents dangerously sharp edges forming.

Quality assured throughout production, installation and daily life

These high-quality shatter protection films guarantee a high level of shatter protection and optimal adhesion throughout the entire lifetime of the product. They reinforce the structure of the glass and make the mirror tougher and less fragile; a real benefit during manufacturing. At the same time, they protect the mirror’s delicate coatings from scratches and other damage. This means that POLIFILM PROTECTION shatter protection films can significantly improve quality assurance and reduce rejection rates.

Even in the everyday life of a mirror, POLIFILM PROTECTION shatter protection films guarantee quality. In particular, when the mirrors are located in damp areas such as bathrooms, these protective films prevent moisture affecting the coatings on the reverse side of the mirrors, thus avoiding the risk of peeling off the reflective paints and the subsequent deterioration of the mirror itself. 

Compatible and certified

An important point for mirror manufacturers is that all shatter protection films offer excellent compatibility with commonly used mirror protection paints. This ensures that there is no peeling or damage to the paint once the film is applied. The shatter protection films are also compatible with fixing adhesives such as those used for mounting mirrors. A further critical aspect especially for use in public spaces, is that all POLIFILM PROTECTION shatter protection films are certified according to the safety standard BS EN 12600 which caters for flat panes of glass used in the building industry; these films come with a 2B2 safety rating. 

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