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Transparent protective film revolutionises fibre laser cutting

Allows visual inspection throughout 

  • POLIFILM PROTECTION revolutionises the cutting of stainless steel and painted sheets using fibre lasers
  • With the PF34C, the company is launching the first transparent protective film suitable for fibre lasers.
  • Because it is transparent, the PF34C enables quality checks to be carried out while the process is still running
  • The rejection rate is reduced, because with the PF34C, users can detect production errors more quickly.
  • At the same time, the PF34C saves time, because it does not have to be removed to check the surface.

POLIFILM PROTECTION is expanding its laser film range with a unique solution: PF34C; the transparent protection film for fibre laser cutting. For the first time a protection film enables a thorough visual quality inspection whilst the laser cutting process is in operation. 

When it comes to cutting a multitude of metals including stainless steel, structured metals with coated or painted surfaces alike, fibre laser cutting enjoys increasing popularity. However, until now, the market lacked a transparent protective film which would protect these high value and delicate surfaces allowing visual inspection throughout. 

POLIFILM PROTECTION has now closed this gap with their PF34C; a Transparent Laser Film for use with fibre lasers. This is unique in the market. PF34C protects delicate surfaces during all aspects of processing, storage, transportation and installation. It guarantees optimum cutting performance from the exceptional adhesive formula based on natural rubber, which ensures both high adhesion with easy and residue free removal.

PF34C is the first translucent protective film suitable for fibre laser cutting, allowing total visual inspection. Each substrate surface can be inspected before, during or after laser cutting. Stainless Steel grain direction is seen, coloured surfaces are shown, material selection is optimised; all of which help prevent costly mistakes. Additionally, the transparent film does not leave black traces of carbon along the cut line which renders elaborate cleaning measures obsolete.

“The new PF34C revolutionises the cutting of stainless steel and painted sheets with fibre lasers,” comments Thomas Mähner, Head of Development at POLIFILM PROTECTION. “So far it was only possible to check the quality after processing by removing the protective film. Now, quality checks can be performed during processing. This brings many advantages: Firstly the company saves the time normally required for peeling off the protective film. Secondly, any possible production faults are detected earlier, which helps to decrease rejection rates.”

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