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Well wrapped. Safely ensiled.

  • Durable agricultural stretch film with high puncture and tear resistance
  • Economically thought-out for dealers, contractors and farmers
  • Easy to handle for smooth running on all common winders
  • Airtight sealing with UV absorber
  • Supports assured feed quality for cattle, horses & Co. thanks to permanent quality controls and the use of high-quality raw materials
  • 100% recyclable

TECBALE – The 7-layers agricultural stretch film from POLIFILM for successful silage.

Whether to reduce transport costs at a large field-yard distance, to silage small quantities from late cuts, to reduce the weather risk through separate wrapping and transport, or for clear tracking and control of feeding – bale silage offers many advantages.

The quality of the silage depends not only on the high quality of the crop but also on a consistent ensiling process. In order to support this in the best possible way, the PE film specialist POLIFILM EXTRUSION has developed the agricultural stretch film line TECBALE. Thanks to the high tear and puncture resistance, TECBALE agricultural stretch films are extremely durable and protect the silage from external influences during transport and storage. The well thought-out layer technology of the 7-layers film extruded in the blowing process in combination with the strong one-sided adhesion ensures an ideal fermentation climate inside the bale. Airtight and protected from excessive sunlight by the UV absorber function, the chopped material is wrapped in TECBALE to produce feed of the highest quality. For a safe silage result, TECBALE is manufactured exclusively from high-quality, selected raw materials and is subject to strict quality controls.

The films can be processed smoothly on all common wrappers into square and round bales in small, standard and maxi formats, they are characteristic for a reduced roll change and thus support an intelligent use of resources.
In addition to cost savings, feeding can also be specifically controlled. Simple to label, TECBALE is easy to handle and helps to separate the feed according to the application, so that the first cut – which is inherently richer in nutrients – can be fed to high-performance cattle, while the needs of the young cattle are covered by the separated third cut.

TECBALE is thus a genuine all-round solution for sophisticated requirements, designed to meet the different needs of dealers, contractors and farmers alike. Not least because the latest generation of agricultural stretch films from POLIFILM EXTRUSION is accompanied by a high service quality that is not only reflected in the attractive packaging. “We know how important advice and trust are for agricultural products,” says Christian Schröder, Sales Manager Agricultural Films POLIFILM EXTRUSION. “This is why we support our customers in ensuring that the solutions find their way to the user. Whether it’s processing tips that can be called up online or, in the event of a challenge, active advice directly at the machine on site – whether on the farm or in the field.

As an agricultural product, responsibility for the environment is also at the top of POLIFILMs agenda. TECBALE films are fully recyclable and can be disposed of at certified collection points in order to become part of the recycling cycle again. As a founding member of the German initiative “ERDE”, POLIFILM contributed in 2018 to the fact that about 13.4 thousand
tons of agricultural film were recycled. This has saved almost 19.5 thousand tonnes of CO₂, equivalent to the annual amount of approximately 1.4 million trees that are tied.

TECBALE is available in three colours (black, white, green) and two widths (500 and 700 mm). 

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