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Protective films
for coil coating

Ideal properties for coil coating

Continuous quality and efficiency

Every detail counts when it comes to protective films for continuous coil coating

The market for pre-painted metal sheets has grown massively over the decades. As well as manufacturers of white and brown goods or cars, the material is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. Depending on the application, a wide variety of coating systems are used but the requirement for a flawless appearance still remains high. POLIFILM PROTECTION offers protective films specially developed for coil coating to prevent damage due to scratches or paint abrasion caused during extended storage periods and on long transportation routes. They combine maximum protection with efficient, fast and smooth production.

Advantages at a glance:

  • For any production requirement
    Hot laminated, co-extruded and adhesive coated films
  • For all surfaces
    Adapted to coating system, gloss level and surface structure
  • Trouble-free lamination
    With all common processes
  • Coil collapse prevention
    Speciality films enables secure coils with double length

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For every coating, for every application

Optimal selection: Three protective film special solutions for different requirements

Our film solutions not only guarantee you outstanding protection, but also offer improved efficiency and numerous benefits during production to ensure customer satisfaction. Depending on the coating method product and requirements, we have three film technologies or special solutions  available for your coil coating.

One film, all surfaces

Advantages of our HLF technology:

  • You only need one protective film for all coating systems and gloss levels.
  • The film is made of pure polyethylene and can therefore be separated and recycled by type.
  • No adhesive is required. The film can be removed quickly and without residues.

Coil collapse prevention

Advantages of our Co-Ex film:

  • Our coextruded films for coil coaters are particularly thin and light.
  • Thanks to their increased stiffness, they stabilise steel coils and reduce the risk of coil collapse
  • Stable steel coils with up to twice the length become possible.
  • The scrap rate decreases, productivity increases and the delivery schedule is therefore maintained.  

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