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Materials Tester (M | F | D)

Your contribution to high quality products right from the start

  • Company pension scheme
  • Bonus for certified good performance
  • Cost of mandatory literature covered  

Your training in the field of materials and quality

From properties to quality – here you learn everything about materials

As a materials tester, you subject various materials to examination. You investigate materials for their properties and qualities. Using different devices, you stretch, compress, or bend the materials. But you don’t just assess them from the outside. To examine the interior, you might use tools such as microscopes, X-rays, or ultrasound. In your work, you search for possible defects and document how different materials behave under stress.

Do you enjoy delving into details? Are you interested in the composition and structure of materials? Then training as a materials tester is for you!

Training matters

The training covers

  • Testing of materials and substances
  • Extraction of material samples
  • Analysis of samples in the laboratory

We offer training at the following locations

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Your training at POLIFILM

Within the company, apprentice laboratory, and vocational training

Your training will normally last for 3.5 years, however, this maybe reduced to 3 years as a result of excellent performance. You will be deployed within the company and gain experience and training in different departments. In vocational schooling, you will learn important background knowledge and theoretical foundations. During your training, you will keep a digital report book and work closely with your trainers.

Training Requirements

More than just intelligence is required here

Are you curious and eager to learn? Do you possess not only intelligence but also manual dexterity and an understanding of technical processes? Do you have an interest in physics and technology and are enthusiastic about your work?

  • Manual and technical skills
  • Meticulous and accurate
  • Interest in physics and chemistry is advantageous
  • Interested in working in the laboratory

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