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Bio-based protective films

An effective contribution to environmental and climate protection

  • The carrier films of the new, bio-based protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION consist of 85 percent “Green PE”.
  • Green PE is produced from renewable raw materials. One tonne of the material binds three tonnes of carbon dioxide.
  • Biobased protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION have a better climate balance than conventional films.
  • Bio-based protective films protect surfaces just as reliably as protective films made from fossil-based polyethylene.

Films based on renewable raw materials offer a significantly better carbon footprint than conventional designs

More and more consumers are becoming concerned about the climate and placing importance on sustainably manufactured products with minimal environmental impact. Which is why POLIFILM PROTECTION have developed a new generation of bio-based protective films, made predominantly from renewable raw materials. Customers can already demonstrate their commitment to the environment by opting for these protective films.

The keywords are “Green PE”: Green Polyethylene. Unlike conventional polyethylene, this is not made from fossil-derived or petrochemical raw materials, but from biological raw materials such as maize or sugar cane. 

Now POLIFILM PROTECTION, the protective film specialist, has succeeded in developing a new generation of protective films that offer all the usual advantages of conventional protective films, but with a carrier film consisting of 85 percent Green PE. But that’s not all: POLIFILM PROTECTION avoids the use of additives when manufacturing its bio-based protective films relying exclusively on environmentally friendly compositions for application specific adhesive systems. For example, one formulation consists of at least 50 percent natural rubber.

Climate-friendly without compromising surface protection and processability

Thanks to their outstanding adhesive properties and excellent puncture, tear and abrasion resistance, bio-based protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION provide reliable protection for sensitive and valuable surfaces, such as plastics, metals or glass throughout manufacturing and subsequent processing operations. They can be processed efficiently and offer the same UV protection as their regular polyethylene counterparts.

At the same time, they boast an impressive climate footprint: each tonne of Green PE locks away three tonnes of atmospheric carbon dioxide, cutting carbon emissions by around 60% compared to traditional PE films. Not to mention that bio-based protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION are fully recyclable. 

“With our bio-based protective films, for the first time we are offering our customers films based on renewable raw materials”, explains Thomas Mähner, head of development of POLIFILM PROTECTION’s German production and development site. “Anyone who uses these films to protect their products will also be improving the carbon footprint of their own business and showing their customers their active commitment to climate action. They can rely on the uncompromising quality and performance they have come to expect from our protective films: no ifs, no buts”.

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