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POLFILM ITALIA becomes a power generator

Solar park with 1800 photovoltaic panels saves up to 800 tons of CO2.

The protective film specialist POLIFILM PROTECTION is pursuing an ambitious sustainability strategy to continuously make its products and processes more environmentally and climate-friendly. Now, the group has achieved another milestone: A solar park at the POLIFILM Italia site which provides a significant portion of the energy needed.

Located at the POLIFILM Italia site in northern Italy’s San Giovanni Di Ostellato near the Adriatic coast, the solar installation, which began operating in early 2024, covers an area of ​​approximately 1.2 hectares, making it almost as large as the production facility itself. The photovoltaic power plant consists of around 1800 solar panels which, depending on weather conditions, deliver a maximum combined output of 972 kilowatts (kWp). As a result, POLIFILM Italia can meet a large part of its energy needs from self-produced, renewable energy. Theoretically, the new solar park is even capable of producing up to 1.27 megawatts of power per year, which is approximately one-third of the site’s annual consumption.

With the installation, POLIFILM PROTECTION becomes less dependent on national grid electricity which is subject to price fluctuations whilst at the same time making a significant contribution to climate protection: At maximum capacity, the PV system saves over 800 tons of carbon dioxide per year compared to electricity production from fossil fuels. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed and sequestered by 120,000 trees over the same period.

Paul Beaver, CEO of POLIFILM PROTECTION, says: “As a market and innovation leader, it is our responsibility to always care for our environment. That is why we continuously strive to become more sustainable, to use resources more efficiently, and to significantly reduce our energy consumption – for example, by reusing production waste or utilizing waste heat. With our new solar park, we have now realized another flagship project. It will not be the last of its kind.”

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