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Protection for PVC Profiles

Contemporary plastic profiles are now no longer exclusively in white as windows, doors and window sills have become a defining design element of buildings. The outer appearance of the frame materials, their surface design as well as their profile width, determine the overall visual impression of a house. Accordingly, a wide range of colour and structural options are available to architects and builders when choosing the right PVC profiles.

Optimum protection during production

The problem: During production, processing, storage and transportation, profile surfaces can become scratched and damaged. Heavy stresses during sawing, drilling and deburring, high temperatures during welding and the use of conveyor belt and stacking systems, all pose a potential risk of damage. Only effective surface protection along the entire value chain, from profile extruder and window manufacturer through to completion of the building project, prevents damage and reduces complaints and rejections.

POLIFILM PROTECTION has the solution

POLIFILM PROTECTION offers a wide range of protective films specially developed for PVC profiles. Each of these films are adapted to the specific properties of the surface as well as to the individual processing procedures, the duration of use and the desired level of weather resistance.

The range includes protective films for:

  • classic white profiles 
  • foil-laminated profile surfaces with different gloss levels, surface structures and embossed finishing
  • lacquer finished profiles 

Effective protection during processing

The choice of a precisely matched adhesive system based on acrylate or natural rubber is crucial. Only the optimal adhesive strength guarantees the required surface adhesion over the entire application period and prevents premature peeling of the film. The right film thickness and properties are equally important to ensure that the film has exactly the right puncture resistance and tensile strength to guarantee protection of the profiles even during cutting or welding.

Perfect performance when outside

In construction, protective films often remain on the PVC profiles for a long period of time. For this reason, the POLIFILM PROTECTION range includes solutions for different weather resistance and UV stability requirements. Every film, whether the standard protection film or High Strength protection film for long term outdoor use, guarantees optimum protection, high tear resistance and easy, residue free removal for the intended period of use. PVC profile protection films are available in transparent, pure white or black and white combination films.

Safe, efficient production processes

All POLIFILM PROTECTION films for PVC profiles help to improve process efficiency and guarantee quality during the production process.  Friction is avoided thanks to a special surface treatment and the highly abrasion resistant print prevents any image transfer onto the profiles, conveyor belts and production line. As result these need to be cleaned less frequently resulting in a more efficient production process. 

Transparent protective films also offer additional advantages. They enable foil laminated profiles of different colours and decors to be processed quickly and prevent costly mix-ups as they allow a visual inspection during the production process. Surface defects can be detected immediately thus reducing the rejection rate. 

The pure white protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION have many advantages. The film ensures no black residues are left behind after welding frames together. These are also well matched for protecting white laminated plastic profiles which can be easily recycled and re-granulated together with white plastic profiles.



Speciality protective films guarantee outstanding performance when applied to plastic profiles with contemporary surface finishes, such as deep structures or patterns, ground surfaces or sanded enhanced surface finishes, or extreme mat ones.

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