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POLEG Development Centre

Here, ideas take shape. In-house technical centre & compounding.

The Test Centre – true-to-scale production in test set-ups

Testing under scaled production conditions

Whether it is to test the formulation of a new film solution or to contribute to a research project, new ideas take shape at the POLEG Technical Centre in Israel. Here, film compositions, compound formulations and process steps are tested quickly and cost efficiently in a realistic production environment before they are approved for production trials on an industrial scale. For this purpose, various mixing units and machines for multi-layer cast film extrusion are available in the technical centre, as well as options for analysing the adhesion and film behaviour in common processing methods.


Our equipment:

  • 3 and 5 layer Cast film line including Corona treatment and embossing station
  • Film orientation line (MDO)
  • Press
  • Low temperature dryer
  • Hot roll laminator
  • Automatic mixing, dosing and twin screw extrusion

In-house compounding for tailor-made extrudable adhesives

Bespoke properties

In compounding, we use twin screw extruders to mix primary raw materials with additives to give our adhesive components the desired characteristics. For this purpose, the surface and molecular structure of the basic material is heated to make it more process receptive, the pre-mixed substances are blended in. Pressure and agitation create a homogeneous, viscous mass, which is pressed out through the extruder, cooled and processed into granules.

Precise adhesion

These compounds are then used in the co-extrusion of our protective films. Since we develop and produce our own adhesive raw materials we can react flexibly to every customer requirement, even in technically difficult areas, and adjust the adhesion and removal properties of the protective film precisely to match the respective application.

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